Updates on iOS 7 Beta 2 and Onwards

Dear Readers,

In recognition of creating new content and devoting more time to other things, I have contacted Apple to disable and refund my developer account. Being the amazing company that they are, Apple kindly refunded me for the renewal fee I paid this year.

This means that I will no longer be able to post updates on the progression of iOS 7 and it’s features delivered in each beta update.

I understand that my blog gained a lot of attention from these posts, but I had to take this decision so that I could put the money to better use outside of my blogging and passion for software and technology.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed creating the posts about iOS and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported me through those posts.

I apologise for any inconvenience and I hope to deliver some similar content in the future.

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iOS 7 Beta 2 Features


Last updated at 8:00PM GMT 25/06/2013

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Please note that I will update this post with pictures as features are discovered.


Apple has seeded iOS 7 beta 2 to developers. Here is the list of changes and improvements. Registered developers can download the update over the air (OTA) or through the developer portal.


In Messages, you can swipe a message balloon to the left and see timestamps!


The Voice Memos app is present and has a new look


The new male and female Siri voices are available in English (US)


The Do Not Disturb moon icon is light grey instead of white in the status bar


The ‘Reduce Motion’ option in settings has been renamed to ‘Parallax’


You can choose a ‘Flag Style’ for messages in Mail – Colour or shape


The ‘Wish list’ option in the App Store is now functional


Lockscreen of iPad


Homescreen of iPad


Notification Centre runs full screen on the iPad


Siri runs full screen on the iPad instead of running in a small segment of the screen



  • Beta 2 is also available for iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation and iPad mini
  • New smoother experience in the Messages app – less stutter when sending messages and also new sending animation
  • Improvements have been made to the speed of accessing Siri
  • Improvements to the boot up of device
  • After updating, you are asked to confirm iCloud details
  • After updating, you are asked to confirm iMessage and FaceTime details. An explaination of these services is also given
  • After updating, you have the option to set a passcode, from this setup screen
  • The Clock app icon in ‘Control Center’ does not have a black background on it anymore. It is just a transparent shape now
  • The colour of folders matches wallpaper colour scheme
  • Status bar icons are no longer larger on the lockscreen, and then smaller on the home screen
  • Large Apple logo on iPad when booting up (looks just a bit smaller than the Apple logo on the metal casing of the iPad)
  • Do Not Disturb seems to be working as it should now
  • Updated Twitter and Facebook icon in Settings
  • You can access the camera on the lockscreen of iPad
  • Slideshow button has been removed from the lockscreen of iPad
  • Double notifications have been fixed
  • The white metal grate wallpaper has been removed
  • Playback controls are larger in Control Center and on the lock screen
  • Searching in Spotlight is faster and more instant
  • Maps has been fixed with performance and UI improvements
  • Greater parallax has been enabled on the multitasking screen
  • Reminders app has slight redesign
  • New icon in bottom right hand corner of weather app shows all weather at a glance (previously the only way was to pinch out)
  • The lock screen album art has been fixed on iPhone 4 and 4S
  • If you open Siri and swipe down at start, you can see the last thing you said to Siri
  • ‘Slide to view’ is always present on the lockscreen for a notification
  • HDR is available for iPad 3rd and 4th generations in Camera
  • In photos, you can pinch to open and close specific photos and videos. When fully zoomed out, the pinch to close will work. The photo can be rotated during the pinch, but has no effect other than being a visual enhancement.
  • In settings, you can turn on or off ‘Traffic Conditions’ for Notification Center


N.B: The term ‘limitation’ refers to something that Apple has chosen to disallow the user from doing such as customising Control Centre.

  • The default icons have not been updated in any way in this beta
  • iPad keeps requesting user to sign in to iCloud
  • Mute icon or Orientation Lock icon does not appear in Control Center when you have one selected in Settings
  • Multitasking is slow and sometimes unresponsive
  • Camera app crashes
  • The “Now Playing” text does not fit in the corner in the Music app. It is displayed as:  “N…g” on some installs
  • Can not customise Control Centre toggles
  • Touch screen becomes unresponsive, even after hard resets
  • A second status bar is always visible on the top edge of iPad, no matter what orientation you are in
  • Occasionally the time and date on the lock screen will move down to the center of the lock screen

Please keep checking back for updates! If you would like to see an image of a feature, please comment below. If you would like to add something to the list, again, please comment! Thank you!

iOS 7 Beta 1 Features


This website is currently being updated. Last updated: 5:17PM GMT; 24/06/2013

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Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 20.37.38


Welcome to the official iOS 7 features list (with pictures)on Imagine A World!

This post is about the new features in beta 1 of iOS 7.

The first part of this post uses pictures to demonstrate features. Scroll down to view a list of features and faults in iOS 7.

Note: Please note that features are subject to change at any time. This post is constantly updated with new features and details about iOS 7 so please keep checking back! The features shown on this page are demonstrated on an iPhone 4S. There may other key features which are exclusive to iPhone 5, which I am not able to show here.

If you choose to use any content from this post, please give credit and a link back to this blog. Thank you!


iOS 7 moves away from the usual skeumorphic look and brings a cleaner and flatter design. You could say that Windows Phone + Android = iOS 7. There are a number of subtle changes such as the lockscreen fading in and out and other notable features.


The first thing you see after updating your device to iOS 7 is the beautiful new lock screen. The lock screen fades in when you press the power button – which looks really nice.

You can slide your finger, from left to right, anywhere on the screen – not just the bottom. For the first time, you can access Notification Centre from the lock screen. The new Control Centre can be accessed from here too. (more on those later)



After swiping away the new lock screen, you will see the new home screen – because that’s usually how it goes. You will see the some-what puzzling new icons. They are great, but you’ll need to get used to them. You can also see the new ‘Dynamic’ (animated/live) wallpapers. When you put your iPhone to sleep, the screen fades away.

Screenshot (83)


Control Centre is your one stop place to get access to your toggles for turning Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Do Not Disturb off. It even lets you turn on the flashlight. Music controls and AirPlay options from the multitasking bar (now obsolete) have been moved here too.Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access Control Centre.



Multitasking is handled differently in iOS 7. You can see a preview of all the apps you have open. These previews are NOT live – this means video will be paused (music and voIP continues). You can now just ‘flick’ the apps off the screen to close them. Still no ‘Close All’ button. Multitasking also works in landscape mode too.



Spotlight search is missing from the left of the home screen. It is no longer present as a seperate screen. To access Spotlight Search, just drag or tug your home screen down and it will appear.



This is the first time Notification Centre has recieved a major update since iOS 5. Its now a grey semi-transparent shade that gives you more information. There is a new ‘Today’ and ‘Tommorow’ view that appear when needed. You can see more information about weather and stocks here too. There is no way to swipe the notifications to dismiss them.



Folders used to hold apps in 4×3 on the iPhone 4S and 4×4 on the iPhone 5. Now the grid is, 3×3 for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. You can have as many apps as you want in the new folders – just scroll left or right.



First, let me tell you that YOU CAN PUT NEWSSTAND IN A FOLDER in iOS 7! Its no longer a fancy folder, its an app on its own. Here’s what the new interface for newsstand looks like.



You can now choose between a ‘dynamic’ or photo wallpaper. With the photo wallpapers, you can tilt your device to get a 3D effect. With the new dynamic ‘ball’ wallpaper, you can tilt your device and the balls seem to fall in that direction. Apple gives you two of each to get started (although you can see one of each in the picture below).



You can ask Siri system requests like ‘Increase brightness’ or ‘Turn on bluetooth’. Apple has promised improved voices for Siri, however I have not been able to turn them on or hear them. Maybe they will appear in later releases. Siri is much more smarter now, but still not as clever as Google Now though.



The new photos app puts your photos in a new perspective. You see your photos by Collections and Years.



The compass app has been updated to be more accurate and makes better use of the sensors in iPhone. Swipe to the left and you’ll see a spirit level.



Safari has been given the Google Chrome treatment – theres now a unified search bar and a full screen view in portrait.



Theres also a slick new tab view in Safari – very Chrome like, with a cards view. You can flick them away to close them. Oh, and private tabs can be opened from this page now too. Scroll up and you’ll see iCloud tabs.



The music app has been made to be simpler and better than ever. Take a look at the new playback controls; which stay on screen no matter what.



The camera app looks better than ever with a round capture button and new filters and features. You swipe left or right to choose Video, Photo, Square or Pano modes. The option for Grid has been moved in to the settings app.



The settings app has been designed to look simpler and better than ever. The arrangment of options has not changed since iOS 6, however.



The mail app has been given the iOS 7 look with a white colour scheme. The ‘gooey’ refresh icon has been replaced with a spinning wheel (not shown here). You can also hide or show mailboxes instead of just rearranging them – VIP can be hidden too.



I don’t know why, but this really felt Windows Phone-ish.



You probably forgot your iPhone can make calls, but now theres a rounder interface for the keypad.



The app store has been given a cleaner, whiter look. You can now see games near you.

IMG_5156   IMG_5245


A new cloud icon appears for apps that you have previously downloaded or purchased. You can also pause the download without leaving the App Store.

IMG_5247   IMG_5248


You can add apps to a ‘Wishlist’ in the App Store



With iOS 7, your apps are automatically updated when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. You can turn this off in settings for the App Store. When an App has completed an update, you’ll see it in Notification Centre – tap it and you’ll see the update details and date of update.

IMG_5199  IMG_5187


You can now set Do Not Disturb to silence notifications while the phone is unlocked. Just select the ‘Always’ option.



Game Centre has lost it’s felt and gets a cleaner and simpler look. (feel free to add me on there)



Calender is much simpler and has a Windows Phone-ish feel to it. But in a nice way.



I can’t guarantee that you’ll get to Paris on the right route, but Maps has a new cleaner look, with the removal of the page curl effect.



With a flatter look, Messages is now cleaner and whiter. iMessages are still blue, SMS is still green.



A new feel has been created with the changes added to the keyboard. It uses the new font and changes colour. When entering passwords, it turns dark grey/black, and in normal apps, you’ll see it in white. Apps which have not been updated for iOS 7 will still use the iOS 6 keyboard.



Apple has tweaked the look of notification banners. They are now a bit larger and give more information. They now just slide in to view – the top of the screen does not rotate anymore. You can finally just flick them away to dismiss them!



If you needed something else to occupy a folder, you can now put FaceTime there. This is because Apple has chosen to make a seperate app for FaceTime for the iPhone. You can make FaceTime audio calls from here too.



A new setting has been added which allows you to set the size for dynamic text in supported apps.



When you plug iPhone into charge, you no longer see that black screen with a glossy battery which fills up. You will now briefly see an image of a ‘flat’ battery, with the percentage. Then you’re back to your wallpaper with the percentage underneath the time. This disappears after a few seconds and you can show it again by showing the lock screen again. You can of course just look at the battery percentage in the corner too.

IMG_5206  IMG_5205


The Clock icon in iOS 7 is live and updates according the time of your iPhone. Now.. if only the weather app icon worked in the same way..



Perhaps the Yahoo! Weather app was a sign of things to come. The new weather app in iOS 7 has taken many cues from that app. They are now very similar, except Apple’s implementation uses really nice animations of the current weather. Looks best when the sun shines though (haha).



With iCloud Keychain, your passwords and credit card information is kept up to date on all your approved devices.



The icons in iOS 7 are slightly larger than the icons in iOS 6 and earlier.




  • iTunes Radio is built into the Music app for U.S users
  • You can now “Mark All” messages in mail.
  • The foreground layers are transparent like frosted glass
  • You can set panoramic wallpapers
  • The text of the homescreen automatically changes to black or white based on the colour of the wallpaper
  • New system wide font scheme (Helvetica Light)
  • Passbook passes can be shared via email or iMessage.
  • Maps has automatic day or night mode
  • Lyric support in iTunes Match
  • Consistent colours, buttons and design throughout iOS
  • A year view in Calendar
  • New interface for built in Dictionary
  • Option to ‘Open In Reader’ when tapping and holding a link in Safari
  • New ‘Action Sheet’ design
  • Private browsing is in the Safari app instead of settings
  • ‘Parallax’ effect is visible in nearly every part of iOS 7
  • Slightly rounder corners of Apps
  • Removal of ratings in Music app
  • Ability to reduce motion of parallax
  • Clock app icon is dynamic
  • You can now scroll faster in the cards view of the search tab in the App Store
  • When turning on device, the apple logo is flat and has no sense of shine
  • There is a percentage button in the portrait orientation of the Calculator app
  • New animations for locking device, unlock device, launching apps and closing apps
  • Newsstand is now an App, instead of an inline folder – this means you can put Newsstand in a folder and forget about it!
  • Tap to Tweet and Tap to Post is removed from Notification Centre
  • New 2D dock
  • You can no longer choose a font for the Notes app
  • FaceTime Audio calls
  • Dynamic (live) wallpapers
  • You can now ‘flick’ banner notifications off the screen and dismiss them quickly
  • View PDF annotations
  • You can choose which apps can background refresh
  • Flickr and Vimeo integration
  • Privacy settings for Microphone
  • A flashing lightning bolt appears next to the battery when charging
  • The maps icon shows the location of Apples new ‘spaceship’ campus
  • Apps in iOS 7 are designed to run full screen. The status bar seems to want to blend into the app.
  • While recording video, you can pinch to zoom
  • Add filters to photos before capturing them (iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Generation only)
  • The ‘message balloons’ in Messages seem to have their own momentum when you scroll
  • New interface for hotspot connections – the status bar does not flash anymore – the text in it does
  • The message ballons in iOS 7 get lighter in colour as they become older up the list
  • On the lockscreen, the status bar icons are larger. When you unlock iPhone, the icons become slightler smaller
  • In the settings for Maps, you can now choose “Preferred Directions” (driving or walking)
  • Microsoft Hotmail has been renamed to Outlook
  • Multitasking enabled for all apps
  • Pinch towards the middle of the Weather app to view an overview of all weather forecasts
  • New toggles use colour and no text
  • Access Notification Centre and Control Centre from the lockscreen
  • AirDrop for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation users
  • You can see how much space messages are using on your iPhone in settings
  • Activation Lock – remotely lock your iOS device using iCloud
  • Opportunistic updates
  • Support for recording video at 60fps (hint at future device feature, because current devices can only record at 30fps)
  • Phone, FaceTime and message blocking
  • Notification Sync – clear a notification on one device, and it also clears from your other devices too
  • Takes advantage of the built in Inclinometer in iPhone
  • Night mode for maps
  • Walking directions (turn by turn) in Maps
  • In Messages you no longer have to scroll the the top to access “Call” “FaceTime” and “Info”
  • New animation for turning device completely off – like an old TV turning off
  • You can teach Siri how to pronounce names instead of using phonetics*
  • Siri can turn on the flashlight*
  • When you have activated a timer, a live countdown appears on the lock screen under the time*
  • All Apple stock apps do not have the ‘gloss’ layer*
  • Some third party apps such as ‘Whatsapp’ have automatically lost the gloss layer*


  • Issues connect to WiFi
  • Overall laggy experience (this is expected as this is the first beta)
  • Crashes
  • Battery drains a lot faster
  • The wallpaper preview in the settings app shows the iOS 6 home screen and lock screen 
  • Do Not Disturb does not stay on or off.
  • Sometimes, when unlocking iPhone, home screen does not appear – it is blank. Need to sleep and wake again.
  • Slow delivery of iMessages
  • Activation failure for iMessage and/or FaceTime
  • Album art does not appear properly in the lockscreen for iPhone 4 and 4S users
  • Can no longer delete whole albums in the Music App, only one song at a time
  • Siri does not start immediately, sometimes it also crashes and reboots the phone*
  • Voice Memos app is not present in this beta (confimed by Apple to be returning soon)*
  • Reminders do not appear in Notification Centre unless you turn them off and then on in settings*
  • Still can not play audio from Safari in the background*
  • New Siri voices have not been added*
  • Can no longer delete single albums from the music app*
  • Deleting single songs from the music app can be troublesome*


iOS 7 will be supported on the following devices:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad mini
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3rd Generation
  • iPad 4th Generation
  • iPod touch 5th Generation

Alleged Future Device Support:

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad mini 2nd Generation
  • iPod touch 6th Generation (unlikely)
  • iPhone (low-cost model)

Anticipated total number of devices which will support iOS 7 during 2013:

13 iOS devices

Click HERE to read our iOS 6 post and click HERE to read our iOS 6.1 post.

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New betas will have their own post.

– Mr F

WWDC 2013: What to Expect

Today, Apple announced WWDC 2013.


This is an Apple focused annual event where developers can come in and see the latest innovations in Apple software.

This year’s WWDC will be held from june 10th to 14th in San Francisco.

WWDC has been known for iOS announcements, iPhone announcements (iPhone 4 and earlier) and OS X announcements.

This year hasn’t been great for Apple. It’s been pretty good in sales, but we never heard from Apple since October 2012 – which ironically, was exactly 6 months ago.

What can we expect this year?


The latest version of OS X is expected to be announced. if you didn’t know, OS X 10.9 has been seen in some report logs in the past weeks.The version will be called “10.9” but we are unsure of the name Apple might give it. Apple usually goes for Cat names; last years being “Mountain Lion”.

What can we expect from 10.9? Here are a few of my predictions:

  • Siri – We are expecting the virtual assistant to make its way to the Mac in one form or the other. Whether or not it’s full blown Siri is yet to be seen. 
  • Further UI improvements – Duh. Pretty OS looks pretty 😛
  • iLife and iWork suite update – Newer versions would be great!


We will no doubt see the latest version of iOS and that is iOS 7. We are expecting it to be amazing and a fresh experience compared to what we have right now. The invite shows a colourful background, which might hint that iOS is going to get an overhaul. Maybe it will have some new life. Who knows.

This ‘fresh’ feeling could come from widgets or some liveliness in the home screen. iPhone 5 gave Apple more space to play with, so we should expect Apple to utilise this extra space and make iOS more appealing! I love my iOS devices, but I want something cool to keep me interested. Samsung seems to be ahead of the game here, even though many of their features are gimmicks and Apple just gives you what you need.

Here are some of my predictions:

  • More Siri improvements – Siri can open apps and all, but why doesn’t she/he read out answers too?
  • Widgets – If not widgets, then something to keep me using Notification Centre.
  • Camera improvements – Let me change some more settings.. please Apple..
  • “Live Wallpapers” – Thats Google’s term, but should our wallpapers stay static? Understand if this doesn’t happen because of battery drainage.. blah blah..
  • Safari improvements – Why does’t the “best browser on a phone” have a unified search bar? Chrome for iOS has executed it fine, so can Safari. Apple will find a way to do it elegantly!
  • Reworked weather App – The new Yahoo! Weather app is amazing. Time to take some inspiration from there me thinks.
  • Do Not Disturb – When this is “on”, it lets notifications keep the LCD off, but what if I don’t want to be disturbed while using the phone? Please!

*You can expect to see full iOS 7 coverage with all beta features here on Imagine A World, just like iOS 6 last year!!*


The invite for this years WWDC has a reflection which looks like Roman numerals. Those numerals actually say “2013” but when you think of Roman numerals, doesn’t a watch or clock come to mind? And a square image with colours around it is sort of what it might be like.

Is Apple hinting at a smart watch? We can’t say for sure, but we know Tim Cook has hinted at it a little. We will see!

An “iWatch” isn’t really appealing to me at this point, and its not something I would want to own right now. My phone and my watch are two different things, and I use them both for different reasons. I don’t want my watch talking to my phone and vice versa. Seems really cool, but not for me right now.

What not to expect

Don’t expect any new hardware. Apple has already done all that. New Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads were announced and released during the fourth quarter of 2012. Expect new products as we get closer to the fall!

What are you most looking forward to? (if anything)

– Mr F



Too big for your pocket?


Today I wanted to talk about something I’m really passionate about – and that’s technology. 

Technology on its own is too broad, so I’m just going to talk about a small part of it and thats mobile phones. More specifically, are they getting too big? 

I’m talking about this because today, Samsung introduced the “Samsung Galaxy Mega” which comes in two screen sizes: 5.8″ inches and 6.3 inches (diagonally). Thats ridiculously large – for me.

On first glance, it looks just like the Samsung Galaxy S4 which was unveiled in March. The design is really nice and keeps in line with Samsung current design language. By in large, Samsung likes to keep its design scheme the same throughout the year, and it works great for them; as it does for Apple.


But if you think about it, 4 inches used to be pretty big. Now its the average size for a smart phone.

When you get to a 5 inch phone, the colloquial term for it is “phablet”. Thats when a device is large enough to be considered a tablet, but small enough to be a phone. Of course, they are not officially advertised as “phablets”! 

Lets go back to 2007, where it all started. The Apple iPhone was the first phone to feature a “large” display. It set the standard for how a smart phone should look. 3.5 inches was a huge size and many considered it too big for a phone. It was like the 4 inches of today. When Steve Jobs announced it he said “..get rid of all these buttons and have a giant screen…a giant screen!”. He famously called that 3.5 inch display “giant”. Wowz.


5 years later, we have the iPhone 5 with its amazing 4 inch Retina display. Many people have disliked this new screen size because its simply taller and not wider. Apple argues this by saying “typing on the keyboard, for instance — you can still do with one hand”

But how big is too big?

My first phone had a 2 inch display and I thought it was big! I remember watching movies on this “large” screen! It was a slider phone too, which made it so compact. Few years later, I got a Samsung phone which had a 3 inch screen (I think). This made my previous phone look so small and made my wonder how I used it! Some more years later, and I used the iPhone 4S with it’s 3.5 inch Retina display – it beats my previous phones in all directions.

Samsung is taking the biggest risks right now by releasing devices with all screen sizes. With Samsung, you will surely find a screen size for you. As you get to 8 inches, only tablets are offered to you.

The funny thing is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with its 5.5 inch display, is one of the top selling phones for Samsung right now. More consumers are choosing Samsung over Apple or BlackBerry for the screen size and customisation options in the OS.

I have been honoured to try out the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5. I’m going to sound like an Apple fan boy for saying this – but the iPhone 5 felt the best. Transitioning from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 5 feels good. I have average sized hands and could reach the top of the screen with a bit of shuffling. The width of the phone is the same, so there is nothing more to get used to. On the other hand, the Samsung devices that I tried, required me to use both of my hands.

Different phones will appeal to different people. Thats why it’s best to just use what you love and love what you use.

– Mr F 

Job Get!

As promised, this is my follow up post to “Job Spot”.

So on Thursday, I went to the meeting which was held at noon. It wasn’t very long but it was definitely worth it.

The meeting started with two company representatives talking about what they do and why they do it. They held a short PowerPoint presentation about the company and what they do. They also showed what they expect from us and how they expect it to be done.

They then told us that if it all sounds good, we should stay and fill in the paperwork. If its not your cup of tea, then by all means you can leave. I stayed and filled out the papers. The papers were a series of declarations and application forms! Time consuming but important none the less.

There were about 15-20 other students and we all got a place as security employees working in our local area!
We’re just now waiting to hear back from them. I actually can’t wait!

This will be my first proper job. I feel I’m ready for it.

I will post an update as soon as I hear back. 🙂

-Mr F

Job Spot


You might have thought my dream job would be working at an Apple retail store. You couldn’t be more right.

It’s true. I’ve applied many times for a role at my local Apple store but to no avail. It seems they don’t want know-it-alls just yet.

Finally, a job offer was posted at my college which I quickly put my name down for. It’s for a local security person during local events. It’s a “flexitime” job which means you can work at times that suit you.

I’m not entirely sure what the role is about because it was a short and snappy ad. I could do with any job at this point! Id also like to refrain from mentioning the organisations name for now.

Nevertheless, A few of my classmates and myself put our names down for this job on Wednesday and on Friday I received a letter inviting me to an initial meeting where things such as available times, what’s expected of me and what the role is about will be discussed.

20130325-112325 PM.jpg

I’m so excited for this role and I really hope I can get it! It will be really nice to be doing something in my spare time!
The meeting will take place at noon on the 28th of March 🙂

I hope you guys will wish me luck!
I will make a follow up post by the weekend 🙂

Mr F

Most expensive app?


In the day of computers with “Apps” instead of “program’s”, chances are you’ll see a few costly ones.

There are a few apps I wanted to show you today.

I don’t know the name of the first one but it’s on the US Apple App Store and costs nearly $1,000!
What does the app do? It’s simply a really basic app that let’s you show people that you can afford to buy an app that does nothing. Just to show you can afford something 😉

The next app is on the UK Apple App Store and I searched for it and actually found it. It’s called “QSFFStats”.
It’s a sports app. I don’t know exactly what it’s about but for £699.99, It’d better be good!

Just to put that price in perspective, you could buy the iPad with Retina display twice, or the iPad mini thrice.

20130305-110315 PM.jpg

It’s an iPhone only app and if you’re interested, you should give it a buy. 😉

It’s interesting because I think that apps that cost £2.99 are expensive to buy. I don’t hesitate too much to buy an app that costs 69p, however.

What do you think about expensive apps?
What platform do you use and what is the most expensive app you’ve come across?

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– Mr F


Message to Oilersmyth: Can you please leave your email address in the comments where I can email you or instant message you. I prefer IM. Skype text chat is fine. Thanks!


We’re leaning how to make websites and school, and for our assignment, we had to make our own website. We don’t have to host it online or anything, but its fun none-the-less.

We could make a website about anything – but we had to use the website language called “HTML”. We were allowed to do our own research and add more languages such as PHP, JavaScript and JQuery.

There was no limit on what the website should be about.

Being the Apple fan and technology person that I am, I chose to create a website with both of these in mind.

The name of my website is “Pear”. That’s right – Pear. The complete opposite of Apple.

It has a stunning resemblance to the Apple website but everything is ”Peared” up. Take a look at this picture of my website’s homepage:


I hope you can see how amazingly close it looks to the Apple website. That picture is of the ‘PearPad’ product. I made it myself in Paint, and enhanced it in PhotoShop.

It was a fun project and my teacher loved it as much as I did. He thought it was ”clever”.

– Mr F