Just Imagine That World…


This is me, Mr Funguin.

This is my real life blog! Its mine, not yours! But we can share it!

You may know me from blogs such as, Life Size Bites or Mr Funguin’s CP Cheats.

This is my first post and I’m very certain that there will be many more just like it! 🙂

I will post about my whereabouts and what I get up to. As well as whats happening around the world and some of the many amazing things that I know – Like why Pluto might be knocked off the planets list, and why Linguini is a popular chef’s name (Just Kidding!)

At this stage I’m not 100% sure about telling my real name. Maybe I’ll tell you later, Maybe not. That part is completely up to me 😛 .

I wont be adding anyone to my blog as a Admin/Author or anything. This is my blog! So it woulnt make sense if someone else posted their stories!

I wont add anyone to my blogroll, Just the blogs that I want to =P

For now keep these blogs alive!

www.wormdraw.wordpress.com – Waddle3773’s RL Blog!

www.lifesizebites.wordpress.com – Myself and Jordans real life blog!

www.insidejordansmind.wordpress.com – Jordan’s real Life Blog!

So until my next post – Just Imagine That World… 😀

– Mr Funguin. –


9 comments on “Just Imagine That World…

  1. Thanks!

    Logan: I remember you! My life? Well, As the posts go on, I’ll let you be the judge of it – My opinion, its doing fine…

    Wormeh!: I had to share your blog! My blog my rules! So one of them was to share yours!!

    Jordan: I like the name of this blog too. I can be creative with the name in my posts! 😀

  2. Wow you’ve got sooo many hits!! WOOT PEOPLE LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Yeeha! Oh yeah and umm.. if you don’t see me online, you could just email me.. for that “something” you wanna tell me..

    – Waddy

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