Look at this!


On the 16th Of July 2008 I went on a outing to a popular theme park.

Its called Thorpe Park –  Click here to see it

In that theme park is the UK’s HIGHEST and FASTEST ride!

Its known as Stealth and do you want to know that best part?

I rode it!!!!

I wont be doing it again because its too fast and I couldnt keep my eyes open most the time! It was a dare set to me by my friends!

Anyway, Do you want to see some pictures?

I had LOADS of pictures of me and my friends going to the rides, shops and things, and because I didnt want to publish me or my friends I had to take some pictures of the surroundings!

I’m sure you’ll still love them. (Click them to enlarge!)

Ok, so the following image is of a Tram? I think its a Tram or train. Either one, it still looks pretty good.

Next we have a picture of a Bus Shelter. Can you see the first lady on the left? I think she saw me taking the picture 😆

Here is the weird bendy roads that they have in that area… Ooo Nice motorbike! Look! London skies! It was raining an hour before.

Still on the same road and we will find This Coca Cola advertisment. That board is known ‘Billboard’ as a Oddly, I was holding a bottle of Cola at the time ¬¬

And finally to our last picture.

This is the lovely inside on our mode of transport – The Coach! Air Conditioned too.

Thats all. I would have posted more but I hope you understand why I didnt post them.


I hope you like my blog! I love it!!… For some reason.

Next week I hope to have scanned in something for you.  I cant say too much right now but all I can say is that it’s worth making a note of it.

So until my next post – Just Imagine That World… D

– Mr Funguin. –


2 comments on “Look at this!

  1. I liked the pictures… I can’t imagine going on a big roller coaster… the biggest one ive gone on is ghostrider… that or boomerang from Knotts Berry Farm… biiggg

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