It’s worth making a note of it.

Hey Imaginers!

Today I wanted to show you something interesting.

Which hand do you use the most?

I use my right hand….

So today, using the power and technology of a Scanner I scanned in some writing I did with my right hand just to show you my messy writing and how It looks lol.

Wanna see it?

Click the image to enlarge it.


Lol! So embarracing – To me… In a way…

Thats all for now….

I want to hear what you think of my handwriting and what ever lol. Have you got messier handwriting than me?

Until my next post – Just Imagine That World…

Posted by – Mr F –
At: 03:36PM GMT

14 comments on “It’s worth making a note of it.

  1. Haha!! Awesome!! I write with my right hand too! It’s more common in the world huh!

    Your handwriting is so neat! I like the sign off – Mr Funguin.

    Cool post!!! Hehe!

    – Dial W for Worm

  2. Sweet I’m Rare I’m Left Handed! I’m Also Kinda Rare On Club Penguin. 85% Of The World(Earth Lol) Is Right Handed. 15% Of The World Is Left Handed. I Can’t Believe I Made Myself Do Math During Summer! Click The Link On My Name To Go To My AWESOME Club Penguin Site! The Home Page Has My Cutest Kitty Timon!

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