What A WeekEnd!


Imagine you have been given 2 days off school. What do you do?

Heres what I got up to!

On Saturday, I went to my cousins house. We played some video games. They were, Rataouille, and Need For Speed – PROStreet! 🙂 2 Hours later I came back home…

Then I went on my blog, Checked a few things…Went on YouTube, searched some magic tricks! I learnt about 2 new tricks 😀 After that I posted on my blog!

Sunday came and I got bored! End of the weekend and nothing to do! So I did some drawings of houses, cartoons and what ever.

Monday came, and I posted on my CP blog, the winner of the contest I had! It was a contest for 1 Month Membership. Buying memberships in the UK is hard. You can either buy it with credit cards or by SMS/text message. Buying by txt message is quicker, but not if you have a Pay As You Go plan – Which is what I have.

Tuesday? Well, its here today, and right now Im posting this!

I am now on a 6 week holiday! Whoo!!

1 and a half months!

No schol for 6 weeks. I dont know what do in that time, and 1 week has already walked past!

School is boring!

But everyone needs an education!

Which brings me onto my next topic…

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Im not sure yet, so dont ask me!

– Mr Funguin –


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