Don’t ask why I called the title of this post ‘Blog-it’ lol.

I am going to update this blog alot more!

Waddle3773 said that this blog, her blog, and Jordans blog all look simular. I can see what she means.

So, I will try to add more fun widgets on the sidebar, more pages…

You, the reader, come here to read about what I post, so why dont you have fun at the same time?

I will try to add 1 or 2 pages, and some widgets that will link to fun sites!

Already I added the ‘Imagine’ page. From there you can try to Imagine some things… Ask on that page if you want to know something. I will answer you – As long as its not personal 😆

Thanks to Waddle for making me the “Imagine A World” logo that you can see on the right hand side. I cant make something like that right now in Photoshop. I’m still working on the Basics. The header above is kinda basic. Okay, maybe its better than basic.

Still thinking about whether to disclose my real name to you or not… 😛

Keep rocking these blogs: /  

Until my next post… Just Imagine that world.

– Mr Funguin –


8 comments on “Blog-it

  1. Hi Mr Funguin!
    I have one question about your graphic, are you ordering shiny text? Please let me know ASAP… or whenever you feel your graphic should be done. Thanks!

    ♥ Bbfreeze

    Mr Funguin Says: 😳 Sorry, Shiny Text please.

  2. Hey,

    Hmm… a drawings page will kinda look kinda similar to both our blogs lol… But then again, it’s your blog, go for it!
    You know the internet thingy you found, Mr Funguin, “Flock”..
    I’m using it and it’s awesome!

    The stuff on it is so cool! All thanks to you for finding it! Haha

    P.S, I answered your comment on my awful site..

  3. Haha! FLOCK!
    I am always using it. Internet Explorer = Down the drain!!

    Im still thinking of pages.
    How about a games page?
    That would rock! Hmmm…..I think I will wander around on other blogs and change somethings around in my own way.

    Your site is not awful. Dont put those words in a sentence ever again! (Only when you’re 50/60 ’cause by then you will have grown bored of it lol)

    – Mister. Funguin.

  4. Hi MrFun!
    You can tell us ur real name! I think I know it!
    Or maybe just use a nickname like if ur name was Brian, you could call yourself “B” oh well I’ll better shut up 😆

    You can make a page showing us where u live or ur life or whateva.

    Mr F Says: If I make a page for that then I should get ready expect people to hunt me down lol…Nahh…

  5. Ahahha, Mister. Funguin!!

    Aww.. but.. but.. it is kinda awful..

    One question, how come your blog is SOOO bright? Mines always not coloured. 😦

    ^^ Hehe I did a smiley face!!! WOOT!

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