I added a page yesterday. I will try to update that page regulary. Its going to be a like a page I had on my CP blog. You’ll find out soon.

Still, do you have any ideas as to what I will put on that page?



About a year ago (Yes! Its been that long!), I used some modling dough to make a penguin!

He is so cute! He was cuter when he wasnt dry yet.

I took that picture about a year ago with my mobile phone. It didnt come out right..I think.

I came up with a name for him!

His name is: Pledgy!

Anyway, For my next post, I hope to take more “pictures” and show you some things.

Until my next post; Just imagine that world!

Posted by: Mr Funguin
At: 05:22 PM

Thanks Bbfreeze for this sign out!


5 comments on “Pledgy!

  1. Mr Funguin,

    I’m going away for about a week.
    I am not going to be able to update the blog.
    I’m going to add you as an Admin on my blog.
    Can you please post every 2 days?
    Hopefully I will be able to find your e-mail adress, because I am not on my PC.
    If you can thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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