‘ere are some pictures!


As I told you in my last post, I am now in Birmhingham!

In about 10 minutes I will be going into the dining room to eat! I dont know whats being made right now because we were just watching a movie.

It was an old, old movie. The kind your mum or dad may have watched before. Its called “The Wizard Of Oz” Its been around for ages, and the best thing about it is that is a classic movie. Its not like the movies they make these days with the effects and such.

Anyway, Today is Wednesday and we’ve been here for 3 days!

On the way here, while I was waiting to get here I was playing on my laptop! Time went fast! It was a 3 hour jouney and it seemed like an hour! Of-course, I didnt stay on the laptop for the whole time b/cause that would be silly. I looked the window and took some pictures! The following pictures are on the way…Okay? On the way… lol

Here is a picture of the really busy – Wembley Park Station.

On this picture, people are either coming to see the match on at Wembley Stadium or for other purposes.

Here are two brown horses. There were many police around on the way. This is so that people going to the stadium are behaved.

A little after the horses we saw the ever so famous, – McDonalds! Too bad we didnt buy a meal 😦

Thats the only pictures I could take. The rest of the way it was raining lol 😦 I opened the window to take the picture of McDonalds when the rain had settled.  And anyway, the laptop battery was running low because I was charging my mobile at the same time, So I guess it consumed alot of power lol.

I can now smell food… I think its rice? Lol. I’ll go see.

Okai I got to go now, Gonna go see whats cookin’ and whats happening.

Btw, I think this post is the best post I’ve done on this blog! Cool huh?

CHECK OUT THE NEW HEADER! Its better than the old one isnt it? Admit it! You hated the old one. ADMIT IT!! It was rubbish. What was nice about it? Lol.

I know I hated it. This one is cool! I like the colour and effects. Garfeild is cute! I like that cartoon. Im sure he’ll love imagining my world with you.


Ive been watching the Olympics! They are quite interesting. Ive never taken interest in them before.

Keep commenting on this post and keep visiting!

Posted by: Mr Funguin
At: 3:17 PM


14 comments on “‘ere are some pictures!

  1. Thanks for photos! i like the mcdonald xD. I hope that you can have fun in Birmhingham! Hey take lots of your photos! Good Luck! Bye bye!

  2. Cool i hope that you can have fun! Take lots of your photos! I love your MCdonald picture! And for the Olympics W Italy! xD

  3. Wow nice! Yeah, the wizard of oz is a pretty old show.. good too.

    I’m guessing it was raining before you took the pictures. =D

    McDonalds!!!!!!! WOO!

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    ❤ Mr Penguin94

  5. Haha, nah, the McDonalds Ad is pretty much the same over here! xD

    My bro’s trying to grow a sponge crab in water now… right.. 😐

    Something looked wrong with the words “sponge crab..”.. shouldn’t it be Sponge Bob? …hmm

  6. That raining thing sounds about right for the uk i remember the last day i was in the uk a long time ago it was raining i cant tell alot though i dont really remember!

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