Heres whats happening


Sorry for the LACK of posting.

Not many people are visiting my site, I get about 3 views a day :O

Thats rubbish! Please tell your friends and family (Lol) to visit!!

Anyway, When I quit CP in December, this blog will get more serious.

Yes, you read the above line correct. More in DECEMBER lol.


I wiped Windows off my PC and Installed it again, so everything I have has gone.

I did that to fix some errors. The errors are fixed 😀

Heres a list of what I have to do:

  1. Installed IE7 (Right now its IE6)
  2. Install windows live
  3. I dont know this one..
  4. Go to school on 2nd Sept.

I wont be posting for a few days so I can get settled on my PC.

Until then,



4 comments on “Heres whats happening

  1. Ooh, quit Cp in December? There’s not much fun in Cp nowadays…

    Is IE8 out yet? I heard it was.. hmm, haha, 3. I dont know this one.. <Lol

    Whoa, 3 views a day.. that’s alot.. (compared to.. yes, Waddy)

    Anyway, I gotta go.. I just downloaded a game called Cooking Academy and I’m gonna go try it out. Hehe!

    Cya around!

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