Hey Imaginers!

Guess what?


Noooooo! Why? why? why?!

School is fun at times, but it gets boring. You know what I mean?

I dont mind going to school, but it feels like the holidays just started. It was meant to be Summer, but there were only about 3 days that were sunny and warm!

Hehe, British weather is famous for being…. British! Lol.

When did your holidays end? Did you want to go?


Remember on my last post I said I needed to get my eyes checked?

Well I’ve got an appointment with an Optician on Monday, so we’ll see what happens.

Posted by: Mr Funguin
At: 08:05PM


10 comments on “SCHOOOOOOL!!!!!!!

  1. Uh oh. No glasses! I have them, they arent that bad. I usually dont get made fun of. I would suggest getting contacts. They are alot better than glasses ❗

  2. Godness. Isnt Funguin ur CP name. Why dont u use ur real name for your real blog. thats what i do. Bigmonkey123 is long gone

    Mr Funguin Says: Ahh… i’m not ready yet!

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