How Embarracing! (Long post & Story!)


School started yesterday and it was great!

They changed the whole school schedule and things.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you a story since no-one would listen – 😛


Our first lesson was Science and we are all alocated to different rooms each year so, on my timetable it tells me my room.

I went to the wrong room! I was meant to go to the one next door to the room I walked in to! However, I thought I was in the rightroom and gave no thought to it at the time, to double check the room number. At the end of the lesson, I looked at my timetable to see where my next lesson (Humanities) was allocated. It was now that I noticed that I was in the wrong science class.

I told the teacher and he said that theres nothing to worry about, it happens – Lol. He then asked it I want to stay in his class, I said yes, because I found his lesson more easier to the teacher who was meant to teach me.

Okay, so that was one embarracing part of the day – In the morning!

Next – we had Humanities.

Humanties is basically a mix of Geography and History – I’m sure you might be learning those.

Again, I went to the wrong room. There is a corridor and I was meant to go in the first room – instead I went into the 3rd room. This time, when I got in, I checked my timetable. I noticed that I was in the wrong room, so I walked to the teacher and told him that I had got muddled up. He said that its fine, and I may go to the right room.

Ok, Now thats 2 embarracing parts of the day. It wasnt over.

At lunch time, I went to the library.

To reduce the chance of books being stolen, they say to put bags and coats on the shelves. I did that…

I then went to read a book called ‘Goosebumps’. I dont remember what the sub-title was called.

Anyway, when It was time to leave, I found that someone had mistaken my bag for their bag! They took my bag, and I took theirs. I was like … speechless! Both our bags were the same colour and style, so it was an easy mistake.

Not only was this the THIRD embarracing moment of the day, but I didnt know if I would ever see my bag again….

I did see my bag again. I took his bag that he left down to the Pupil Office (Office for pupils lol) They’d keep it there until he claims it.

He brought me back my bag in my lesson.

So that was that day. I dont know what happened today! It was weird!!!

Has anything embarracing happened to you?


Posted by: Mr Funguin
At: 06:16PM


11 comments on “How Embarracing! (Long post & Story!)

  1. Hey Imaginers!
    Please take time to read the post, and tell me if theres any mistakes or anything you don’t understand!

    It was so embarracing. I guess thats what you get when you do your h/w late at night, at 11pm on the Laptop!

    I guess I was tired and my brain wasn’t working….

    P.S: Tell your friends to visit!!!!!

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  3. How embarrasing. I feel sorrry for you.

    You went to the wrong room twice and lost your bag.
    Lol, no offence, but how did you do that?

    And by the way, the book Goosebumps, there are a series of those books, I’ve read one of them, it was alright.

    Mr F Imagined..: I lost my bag at the library =O

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