Imagine this!


I’m really sorry about not posting for ages. I have wanted to post but I couldn’t.

Imagine this:

You have a computer that has a mind of its own. It freezes when it wants, it wants the mouse to not work when it wants. It wants to make windows minimize itself and even re-start itself.

Now imagine this:

Mr Funguin trying to do his GSCE entry (exam – not the real thing) and his computer doing the above.  Imagine yourself sitting infront of your computer and experiencing the problems above.


The list above is real and it does happen to me. Right now this computer is in a good mood, so I can type.

Fortunatly –

My uncle has a laptop that he doesnt use, and he says its in good condition and he also says he’ll give it to me by Tuesday! 🙂 All mine! Muaha..! (*cough, cough*) Muhahaha!


Has your PC ever played up on you?

– Mr Funguin!


8 comments on “Imagine this!

  1. Oh.. wow, but the good thing is that you’re getting a laptop!

    I’ve got a laptop, and the screen has gone all fuzzy, so you have to shake it a few times. Pretty annoying, especially if you’re doing something really important.

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