Back to the good times!

Today I’m going to go back to the past where people thought typewriters were the next big thing. Where people stayoud outdoors more. Where there were ‘operators’ on the end of each telephone reciever. Where Bill Gates was dreaming of how he could make a computer…

This post might be a long post, but just read it ¬¬

These days people are interested in gaming, computing, shopping, eating, looking good, gadgets, TV, rock music, HD Entertainment, mobile phones… – Basically anything that helps them stick out of the crowd.

Television in the old days was amazings. I used to think Teletubbies were awesome! Lol. I also enjoy the old comedy shows from the past.

Now we are going to step into the time machine of “Past Comedy”. Here, I will post a picture and write about the show.

Note: Call your Mum/Dad to read this post too. They might enjoy it – Partly because most of this post’s content refers to “There Time”


Current Year: 2008. Going back to: 1971

On The Buses is the story of Stan Butler and his family. Stan is a Bus Driver, his mum is a Bingo Lover. His sister is a little thick. She is married to Arthur – Stans brother in law.

Blakey his bus inspector hates Butler because of his tricks and things so he always tries to catch him out!

At home, where mum went out, Stan has to mend something with stiches. He has a needle and he couldnt see the hole. His sister suggested he use her glasses. Stan agrees. Olive said: “Can you see the hole?” Stan replied “See the hole?! I can’t even see the needle!”


Current Year: 2008. Going back to: 1981

Probably the BEST comedy of the olden days! Only Fools and Horses was a MUST watch on BBC, in the UK. It took several awards for being the funniest. The 1996 episode “Time On Our Hands” holds the record for the highest UK audience for a sitcom episode. The idea of the show was to show the Highs and Lows of average life.  It certainly suceeded this!

Del-Boy (Middle on the picture above) Loves money and aims to become a MILLIONARE! He suceeds this in the 1996 episode, but then on the next episode he becomes bankcrupt! His famous catchphrases were “You Wally!”, “You Plonka!” (Written down formally as ‘Ploker’) “You Dipstick!” “GORDON BENNETT!” To make money, He sells ‘Hooky gear’ from a suitcase and trys to sell it. Most of the time these things were useless.

His brother (Pictured first on the image) is very good at computers and trys to stay cool. He didnt always care for money. He didnt really have any catchephrases.

His Uncle (3rd on picture) is war time dude. His famous catchephase was always “During the war…”


*Your 5 minutes on time to spend in this time machine has now expired. Please insert 1 Pound to continue”

Whoops, sorry, let me lend you a pound.

*You have inserted a pound to continue. Machine will continue*

Now we are going SLIGHTLY BACK in time – to the years you have most probably been through.


Current Year: 2008. Going back to: 1997

I truly hated this show. It was mostly for kids under 5.

Teletubbies were “told off” for teaching kids to say “Hello” wrong. They taught it as “Eh Oh!”. Kid in those days began saying it. Later on it was decided to let it be.

I haven’t got alot to write about this show 😛


Current Year: 2008. Going back to: 2007

Todays most advanced cartoon. It isnt even a cartoon. Its about these “things” with people inside…Actually, its a better version of the Teletubbies. Infact, its made by the creators of the Teletubbies. This show is freaky.  The programme features colourful characters with unusual names: Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle, Makka Pakka, the Pontipines, the Wottingers, the Haahoos and three Tombliboos who live in a garden. As well as trees and tropical birds (Tittifers), the garden features a large cast of other creatures for a programme aimed at toddlers.


Okay, so that was our trip down memory lane…. Pretty boring huh?

I want to know what you thought was the best show I described above.

Why dont you search YouTube for clips from these shows?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

PS: Theres a new page above. There will be more pages soon!

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15 comments on “Back to the good times!

  1. Hey!
    Lol, Long Post!!

    Only Fools And Horses is my favourite comedy show! It is really funny. I guess that you might or might not have heard of it. You should definatly search up clips and watch them, you’ll love it!

  2. Lol.
    Only Fools and Horses! What a classic!
    Their three wheeler yellow car.

    God bless Hooky Street!
    Viva Hooky Street!
    Long live Hooky Street!
    Cest’ Magnifique Hooky Street!

  3. Good times……good times…………… LOL I used to say, “Eh oh!” or sometimes even “Uh oh!” when I used to watch Teletubies (they freak me out now.) I used to LOVE Teletubies and then I turned 4. I think I am the youngest person to visit this blog (i’m 9.) Now I have a 2 ear old brother who abslutely LOVES Teletubbes (they are always going to be weird to me) so I have to kind of live with teletubbies (if I really did I would already be dead because of their dumbness, babyishness, blah,blah,etc.) 😆

  4. Cool I posted 5 times and now it is 6 (noise of firecrackers) I am very RaNdOm and some people say I have a short attenti- Oooo! A quarter, wait no it’s a pound Ummm where was I………Oh yeah!-on span I don’t ‘t think that is true though. Tries to do handstand while singing Teletubbies theme song (also really weird.) Wait……I don’t know how to sing it. Don’t you just agree that the teletubbies theme song is weird………..I meant I DON’T have a short attention span.

  5. Nice postttttt!!! I used to watch teletubbies when I was little too!!! And I’ve watched On The Buses a few times too. My favourite British comedy is “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em”. Watched it, Mr F?

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