Update Number 1


Every month or so, I will keep you updated with all kinds off things on or off this blog.

This is the first update post on the blog and it will mainly explain what happens from today.

It seems boring….Yes, I know but its informative 😀


  • I post every 3-4 days. This can exceed to 4-5 days depending on what I’m going or whether or not I have time.
  • Update posts like this one will be posted Monthly -without fail 😀
  • Stricter comment approval. – If your comment contains a link, It will be hashed out slightly. So www.imagineaworld.wordpress.com would turn into www.***********world.wordpress.com

This month you will see:

  • 2 NEW Pages
  • Up to about 4 NEW Posts
  • Updated sidebar
  • Possibly new theme. (Not certain…It may not happen!)

Remember: Most of the above will start in October since this month has nearly gone.


So thats really it.

You are now updated on everything you need to know.

Being your first update, there isnt much to discuss.

Posted by: Mr Funguin
At: 05:56 PM


6 comments on “Update Number 1

  1. You know what I hate about changing themes? There are so few themes that actually look good!!! A lot of them are just boring and plain. Do you agree?

    Mr Fun Says: Yeah, Thats why I might not change it! 😛

  2. Yes. There’s always something wrong with a theme. Too narrow, too plain, no header image, too many people use it (I want to be original!!!), random pictures of bananas…(the theme Banana Smoothie has stuff like that). The list goes on.

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