Blood Brothers


I’m glad you had fun guessing what the most used question was. I’ll try and do more of those soon!

Today I went to the Phoenix Theatre in London – the west end and saw a fantastic play with my English class.

We went to see ‘Blood Brothers’ and its about these boys who are seperated at birth.

Its really, really, really good. Infact it’s FANTASTIC.

The whole show was dramatic, and smooth. Near the end the play was good moving and slow…then suddenly….


… a gunshot was heard – a loud one too! It scared the life out of everyone!! The gunshot was the sound of the gun shooting the two boys.

Here is a clip close to the gun shot, and it kinda tells you part the story. Make sure you watch, you’ll love it. The gunshot is heard at about 50 seconds.

The whole play was FANTASTIC! I cant believe it. It was fantastic! Sorry I keep calling it that, but it was!

There was not a single human being in that theatre that wasnt enjoying the performance.

I want to go again!!!!

– Mr Funguin.


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