I thought today we could discuss a topic where no one may have the right answer.

The Play Station 3 or the Nintendo Wii?


– Mr Funguin.

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15 comments on “DISCUSSION: PS3 or N-WII?

  1. Hey!
    I think…The PS3 since its newer and probably will be top for longer. Also the fact its HD and a Blu Ray Player.

    What do ya think?

    P.S: I should post proper Lol. I’ll do so from the next post.

  2. i personaly think wii. we can do many things with a wii and alot of them make us excercize. there really fun ang good for you too!

  3. Lol nice header!

    Hmm, my opinion:


    You’ve got the PS2, it will be slightly like the PS3, controls and stuff, and the games are non-interactive. You rely on the controller do play the game. But, the PS3 has got really good graphics.


    The games are interactive, controls are unique, it’s even got sound from the controls to make it more real. You can control whatever you’re playing. It’s got that “cool” look in the games, like, the graphics aren’t bad…


    So I think that since you’ve got a PS2, it won’t be much of a really BIG difference if you get the PS3.

    Just get the Wii! 😉 (But yo, it’s your choice)

  4. Umm….I’m not thinking of buying one of the two Lol.
    Its just a “random discussion topic thingy”!!!

    However, I’d get the Wii If I was gonna buy one of the 2 😉

    Jordan: You like the Halloween header? Hehe Thanks!
    I like it too!!!

  5. The Wii.
    Personally, I think the PS3 is an absolute rip-off!

    Blu-Ray? HD? So what?
    Remember that topic I did on the forums, “Things you have that are cool but are pointless to have” The PS3 would be in there for me.

    If you want a cool console, get the Wii or the XBox 360.

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