Today, me and my friends in my group (4 of us, Including me) baked and made some fresh cookies!

We made in the morning and they smelt good! The smell that you get from a Bakery.

We decorated the Cookies with iceing that had pictures of things like stars, moons and all sorts. In the after noon we sold the cookies.

60p (p = Pence) for 1 cookie and 1 Pound for 3. Fairly priced don’t you think?

We had sold all our cookies and we made a huge ammount of money.


This was great!

The money was going to be put forward for some new school equippment.

We didnt get any of the money for some ‘reasons’ so we got a free cookies that were left over.

They were Delicous!

Do you want one of my cookies?!

– Mr Funguin.

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9 comments on “COOKIES FOR SALE!

  1. I’ll have a cookie!!! And I love your header! Is the £ simple pounds? Do you know how many pounds are in a dollar? Australian or American or whatever? If you give the American, I can convert to Australian Dollars, then I know how much you made, lol. Happy cookie eating!

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