Spook’s Up!


I forgot to mention what flavour the cookies were on the last post. They were “Scottish Butter” flavour in case you were wondering. Hope that doesnt make your mouth water…


On the 30th Of October 2008 I have something planned for you! Its a special HALLOWEEN post.

I can’t reveal whats on it right now, but you will have to ‘tune in’ to find out…

– Mr FungOooin…..

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5 comments on “Spook’s Up!

  1. I’m sorry, Mr Funguin, but you’ve kinda taken my page from me. Your new page, “Stories and Me”, is like, the same as the page on my site, Storybuilder, that I’ve had since, like April. Please say that you got the idea from me, or that it was originally found at my site, etc, or I’m gonna have to do something. Sorry.

    does not like being unrightfully copied…lol.

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