Back 2 School!!!!


Yup, Its that time of week again. Back to school.

I’ve been on my half term break all this week and its finally over.

I had alot of fun!

I bought a PS3 and it rocks! I don’t have any games yet…and I’m not likely to have many games! They cost alot. £31 just for 1 game! (Yes thats alot…) Anyway, I guess its really worth it I guess. High Definition and all that. I just got settled into Standard Definition Lol.

So tomorrow I have to go to school…See the same faces…See the same walls, doors, Library -I havn’t been in there for ages!

On Wednesday I will be going to The Design Mueseum for some activities and tour and things. I find museums boring. Expecially when the teachers make you write about what you saw 😛

I’ll keep you posted about that by Thursday…


About the Halloween page and header.

I’ll let you enjoy that for a few more days…Personally, I think I needed more time to come up with a better page and theme.

– Mr Funguin.

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