The Design Museum


Today I went to The Design Museum, in London.

We went by Tube, or Train if you prefer to call it.

Here we use something called an “Oyster Card”. No, its not a card to buy Oysters with. Definatly not! Yuck.

That thing above is an Oyster card. Its cheaper than buying train tickets. If you want to buy a ticket, thats fine. But Oyster card is generally ALOT cheaper.

You top it up as you would a Mobile phone and you touch the Yellow card reader;

Its clever! I thought I’d share that bit of technology with you since you might never have heard of it.

In the Museum you arent allowed to take pictures so I dont have any pictures.

Inside there were pictures of paintings and art. Boring I guess…Lol.

Thats all

– Mr Funguin


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