Whats Up?


I havn’t been posting for over a week and I just love how you guys weren’t interested in my last post lol.

Its been a few days and I got a new computer.

So I own my own laptop now, for my work and things, and the new computer is for everyone.

It took a while to get it set up because I had to install the Wireless Router onto it and that was making the connection not work my Laptop.

Its a long story so I wont even go there!

Anyway, I had something to show you and since I havn’t installed my scanner onto this PC yet I can’t. But I will show you on the next post! Its got something to do with … drawings!

I’ll explain it more on the next post! 😀


As you can see, I got rid of the Halloween page. Well technically I didnt get rid of it completely. Its still on “Imagine A World’s Admin Panel” part but unpublished.

Even today, I enjoy watching that video! If you dont know what video I’m talking about then where were you?!

Its this video:

It was on the Halloween Horror page.

Now that the Halloween page is gone, this blog feels different… Well it does to me anyway.

I’m having some more ideas for pages and I’ll add them when I get the chance.

Some of you commented on the “Your X-Periments” page with experiments. I’ve tried some of them and they were AMAZING! Keep them coming!

You also commented on the “Find me an X-Periment” page with experiments you’d like me to find. I found the answers to a few, and I might add them to the list! 😀

Anyway, How are you guys?

– Mr Funguin…

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