I got the game like Icey!


First of all, I posted another page under the “Do it @ Home” page.

You guys seemed REALLY interested in the “Stories and Me” page more than my posts!

I’m not being rude or anything… but please comment and read my posts a bit more… Okai?

Or you’ll leave me no alternative but to password protect that page for a while :mrgreen: … Just Kidding.


I have a PlayStation3 and on Sunday I bought a new game.

Its called –  Call Of Duty: World At War

Its the same game as Ice Drills/Icey has.

He told me that it was good, and he explained it a bit more. I didnt just copy him 😛

He plays it alot!

Anyway, I thought I’d buy it since I had no PS3 game at all. (We bought the PS3 recently).

The game cost 40 Pounds! That is alot. PS2 games these days are about 15 pounds if not, 14 pounds.

It’s not normally the kind of game I’d buy. Its got bombs and shooting.

The graphics are AWESOME! Technology advances all the time and the graphics on this game (and many others I’m guessing) are awesome!

After you play a game on the PS3 for a while and you play your PS2 straight after, it looks weird…Your eyes have to adjust lol. You’d be able to see the difference if you have 2 T.V’s side by side and the same game on both platforms.

Also; I played online against Icey and I kept winning! Go me!

Okai, He kept winning…


Enough of that 😛

I have made a new header!

Doesn’t it look cool!?

I’m not sure about the yellow part at the bottom, but I’m sure we can change that later.


– Mr Funguin

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8 comments on “I got the game like Icey!

  1. Haha, nice header!! You really like Garfield don’t you? 😀

    Woo! Go Iceh! If only I had xbox LIVE (yes, I know you’ve got a PS3), but my friend really really really really wants me to get it, and I’ve got a free card, so everytime I get on MSN, he bugs me about it, Lol!

    You’re pretty lucky to get it online.

  2. Sweet! Well, im a girl so i dont like that type of games and stuff. I like racing and stuff.
    I Like both your story and me page and the posts. u should also be glad that people like the stories and me page because it must of gave u alot of hits.

  3. You’re right!
    But I’m also right?… But you’re more right. Anyhow, Nevermind.
    It’s like you told me off lol!!

    Waddy: Like Garfeild? I love him! He’s the cutest kitty on T.V – That’s a cartoon 🙂 It was pretty easy to get the PS3 online since I have a wireless router …

    I didnt write much about the game did I?
    Hang on a bit guys, I’ll edit the post 😀

  4. So you got a PS3? Awesome. I got the 80 gig one. One of the best games I have is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. It’s the most realistic racing game ever. It’s a must have. Another one is Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. It’s the sixth one in the series. Even for a girl, this game is the best. What do you think, Mr. Funguin?
    -Cutie Birdie

  5. Lol, I was going to say that you must love Garfield! I’m not really into war games and stuff, it’s…weird to me, lol. Like, if I’m at a friend’s house then everyone is playing Halo, I just watch. I’m not intersted in those games, lol. I’m an individual =]

  6. Cutie Birdie: I have the 80GB one too! I wanted that one ’cause I wanted to store a few songs on there and some other things and also because all the versions are the same price here.
    I just watched a YouTube video of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and it seems pretty cool! I don’t like Ratchet and Clank. They’re like cartoons 😛

    Josh: I dont play games like that too, and buying Call Of Duty 5 was a new thing for me. I got a free game with the PS3 called “Far Cry 2” and thats a bit like COD5 but I like it.

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