“In a rich man’s world”


One of those posts where you may not know the answer, and when you do, you’ve learnt something new!

Okay, Let’s see now…


Who is the Richest Man and is getting richer by the hour?

CLUE: He is getting paid in Dollars and every hour and he owns a BIG company and YOU have Invested in one of his products (Unless its one of companies that he’s not part of.)

NOTE: Its NOT the World’s richest man, just a Particular rich man.


The answer is..


Yes! Its him!

He is the founder of the campany called “Microsoft” which creates the OS called “Windows”.

He earns 1 dollar every time someone turns on their computer, he gets One dollar. Everytime you check your “Windows Hotmail” email, he gets yet another dollar.

Its awesome! He just sits and gets money.

Jordan meantioned ‘Google’

Yes, Google also gets a dollar everytime uses it. Just think. Google might be richer than Bill. :O Easy money.

– Mr Fun

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14 comments on ““In a rich man’s world”

  1. Bill Gates owns Microsoft. Gordon Brown is the Prime Mininster of England, and George Bush is the President (for now).

    One of them definately, I think.

  2. my dad worked for microsoft and once he was on a call with bill gates trying to get him to do something i was not sure wha is was but my dad worked for microsoft but now he works for some brittish compony

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