I got myself a Plush!


Well yesterday I was ill. I had a runny nose and a headache.

In the afternoon I was a teeny weeny bit better and there was a knock on the door.

It was a guy with a parcel!

It was adressed to me and I didnt order anything so I didnt know what it was.

Later on I made an unboxing video and here is what was in the parcel:

It was awesome!

Yes, that is me for the curious bunch amongst you 😀

I didn’t talk in the video because;

  1. I’m Ill and sound like something from space when I’m Ill
  2. I didnt want to.

Club Penguin lit up my day!

There were only 1000 of these Plush toys and I can’t believe I was one of the lucky people to recive one.


  • It was a recorded delivery. (We had to sign for it.)
  • It was posted on the 26th Of November
  • It cost them 1 Dollar and 83 Cents! ($1.83)
  • It came from Canada!
  • It was made in China.

I have a collection of Disney things: A Disney Pen, T-Shirt, Mug, Toys, Poster and this plush is an addition to it.

When I was entering the giveaway, I thought the plush was a small thing and was rubbish. But seeing it in real life … Its of quality! Its a good size and its detailed. Its soft and smooth in some parts and smells weird.

I have the coin that comes with it, but I wont use it. I want to keep its value! 😀 Don’t ask why. My mom said “Use it! I want to see what it does.” I said that it does nothing! haha.

Does the code expire after a while when it isnt used? That’s puzzling me… 😦 If you know, let me know.


I heard Jordan’s got a new blog!

Its located at:


Check it out! I love it!

And, Check out Waddy’s blog!


Its awesome!

– Mr F

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7 comments on “I got myself a Plush!

  1. I hope you’ll be fully recovered soon, but you can show it off to everyone.

    The day changed from a akward day to a happy day.
    As you said, “Club Penguin lit up my day!” they certainly did.

  2. Your dog ate yours? In-di-gestion! lol.

    Sony24dah: It sounds like Mamma Mia, because it is Mamma Mia! I thought would fit, which it did and I posted about Mamma Mia in my last post sooo…. 😛

  3. Hey!
    Can you advertise my site too in the next post?
    P.S. the viking pengs are giving by cheating, cp delivered it to the people who live closest to them. NO one got a penguin in the middle east 😦 .

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