I got a Nintendo DS Lite!


I posted a hint about this on my Club Penguin blog and many of you got the answer right. I think…You weren’t exactly telling me ¬¬ lol. Anyway, It was a pretty fun post! I can’t remember who it was, but they said that they found that post the best post on my blog lol!!  Anyway –

I was getting a Nintendo DS Lite!

You can’t get the old one round here anymore.  So everytime I say “DS” I’m refering to the Lite one. Just in case… 😉

We were going to get it on Thursday, but it was out of stock. Damn. The guy that was serving us said that it would be in stock on Saturday – Approxomatly. So we reserved it for when it would be in stock. He also said that it would be best to buy “this Nintendo DS Essential Pack” for when we get it. He described its endless uses and how you get these things to protect and extend the life of the DS. He also commented on the handy carry case and the price- £7:99!

It was on special offer so we thought why not? It would come in ‘Handy’. So we bought that!

We went out to buy a DS, and came home with an Essential Pack! – Tonnes Of Fun!!! lol

Here is the Unboxing Video of the Nintendo DS Lite Essential Pack:

(Contains Annotations)

So the next day (Friday) we checked online (The store that we went to’s website) and saw that the Nintendo DS on its own was sold out. But the Starter Packs with a game and the console were in stock!!!!

We reserved one and went to shop. Yup. We bought one 😀

Here’s the unboxing vid of the Nintendo DS Starter Pack (With Brain Training)

(Contains Annotations)

Don’t ask why I did unboxing videos. It’s weird, I know, Unboxing something – On camera. But I had a new YouTube account, so this way, I kept you entertained and kept my channel alive!

Anyway, Now I just have to wait for my dad to think about buying the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force game lol. It looks interesting. But I might not buy it.

Any suggestions for any games? Mario Kart looks awesome! I’m going to try and get that.

One thing I HATE about the DS is: that when you try to exit the setup, and the setup only, it asks you that its going to shut down the DS itself. Thats so annoying, and you have to turn it on again. Why can’t you just click “Back” and it takes you back to the home page? I think it also happens when you try to exit “Pictochat”. So Nintendo, if you’re reading this – FIX THAT ANNOYING THING!

One thing I LOVE about the DS is: Its simple yet effective design. On the outside its a box, on the inside its a fun gadget! Its not one of those game consoles that you push buttons. You actually get involved! Nintendo -YOU ROCK at that feature.

I just noticed. This is my first Nintendo Product! 😯 It’s really cool.

I definatly recommend you buy one if you are thinking of buying something for your birthday or as a gift for someone.

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– Mr Funguin


15 comments on “I got a Nintendo DS Lite!

  1. Yay for you! The old DS’s were super bad, they just kept breaking, lol. I went to a Nintendo place to get it fixed last year, and they said it would cost $200Aus, the same price that a new one costs, lol. So I bought a black DS lite last year. I recommend you buying: Mario Kart, Animal Crossing : Wild World, and if your a fan of Pokemon, then Pokemon diamond/pearl.

    Have fun……………………………………………………………….!

  2. I have a DS lite too! my friend HAD the origonal DS and it ripped it half! so now she has a lite. umm. all the games i have are girl games. but there really fun! its cauld cooking mamma. its really fun.

  3. Mario Kartz – Best Game for DS (especially on multiplayer).

    You want to get a game for the DS that you would keep playing on, like Mario Kartz if you think it’s good.

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  5. A very strange person named Brandon who apparently isn't logged in his account right now due to the loss of his password and the lack of resposnsibilty of keeping his password in a safe place. Next time, I shall hope that I will be able to log into my acc

    I’m Bored… so I changed my name 🙂 ~~Oilersmyth~~

    Mr Fun: lol, I thought your username was spam, so I was going to either delete it or rename it as ‘Brandon’. xD

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