Jus’ some random news


Okay So Dont think of this post as “Big News” but it is news so just read it.

If you’re one of my Club Penguin Blog Readers then you’ll probably know what I have a YouTube channel;


It’s NOT only a Club Penguin channel, where I upload CP Videos. I have decided, just now, that I will also upload random videos for real life. For this blog =D I’m thinking of some random things to upload :/


The Stories and Me page is OPEN AGAIN!!!


I got bored of no-one continuing the story. So make it interesting! Has anyone noticed just how long the sentences are? 1 sentence is made by about 7 comment boxes! lol

If you comment on the Stories and Me page, I have no objection, but please read my posts and comment on them too? Thats the main part of teh blog. lol. Thankz.

I think Thats about it. For this post…

Oh Yea, I forgot. I have been thinking and thinking. And thinking and thinking. About wheather or not to tell you my real name or not. I think about it before bed, after bed, in school, after school and whenever I remember to think about it – I think about it.

So I think, I’ll think a little longer. 😉

I might post a new page under “Try it @ Home” soon. Keep checking.


– Mr Funguin

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