Guess what?

PlayStation®Home Open Beta was released on the 11th of December 2008!

Not sure what PlayStationHome is?

PlayStationHome is a social networking game that connects through the internet allowing you to chat, play games and explore a make-belief world.ONLY available on the PlayStation3 (all version), it makes the game, a unique but awesome game. It is much like Club Penguin, Habbo or Runescape, but on your tv and more life-like.
It is free and doesnt cost you anything. It comes as part of the PlayStation Network. Which, when a user creates an account and signs in ON their PS3 will have access to home.

On the 11th of December 2008, The Beta version of Sonys most anticipacted game of the year was released.

It was available from Early November to the most active buyers of the PlayStation Store. It is now available to ALL members of the PlayStation Network and you do not have to download an installer. When you switch on your console, you’ll find the installer waiting to be installed.

I couldn’t keep the game to myself so I am going to share it with you.

Here is me playing the Open Beta of PlayStation®Home. Sorry about the sound quality.

This video contains a trailer of Home – Licenced to Sony and This video also contains a PSP trailer, which is also Licenced to Sony and PlayStation.

The game so far is extraordinary. I havn’t seen such graphics in a game like this. The game is very open and there isnt any limit to what you can do.

If you have a PSN (PlayStationNetwork) account then you can add me with the following ID name:

I’ve added this ID thing in a widget on the right 😀

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12 comments on “PlayStation®Home!!

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  2. Ooh, cool, it’s a bit like IMVU or Third Life (I think its called that), 😦 I don’t have a playstation..

    Was that video on your TV? What kinda thing did you use to record it? My camera wouldn’t allow me to record things on my TV.. so I have to use the camera standing up.. :\

  3. :O my laptop screen is going crazy, it started fading.. then it turned really dark.. and then sometimes the colours change.. Aqua, Blue, Red, Pink.. its REALLY annoying, I can’t even type properly cause you can hardly see what you are typing..

    Everything is soooo dark right now, (on the laptop) I’m hoping to get my own next April for my birthday 😀 😀

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