Happy New Year


Many of you are nearing your break off school. Many of you are right in the middle of it!

Last night we dawned apon 2009.

Another year to set resolutions and to break them once more!

“I hope you have a wonderful New Year to enjoy and I hope you make this year more memorable than the last. The events of 2008 will slowly fade in to our memories and remain just that. Memories. Just thoughts that we will treasure forever more. 2008 was a year which seemed like a day. Though, we take life for granted, we rarely think of our elders and what they have done for us. Our Grandad’s dad may have fought in the war for our peace. For the life we enjoy today. Since the strike of 12 we have endulged in a new adventure. A new mission in life. 2009 will be the newest key in the calendar to our future success.”

I have just begun to notice just who really care for you, and the little ways they show it.

For example, my aunt gave us a Bone China Tea Set for Christmas.

We can’t really use it because it’s fragile bone China. She said that herself. We have put it away for use if we want to.

She gave us something that we can use, but carefully. But it is the thought that we cherish.

Here is a wonderful video I have made with ABBA’s Happy New Year.

I chose this sing because I am newly a fan of ABBA and because of the words they have used. The meaning of them is something to think about. Listen to each sentence and think about what they mean.

For now, this is the end of this post but the begining of a new adventure.

Happy New Year everyone.

– Mr Fun


8 comments on “Happy New Year

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  2. But I think 2009 might not top 2008 after what extraordinary things happened in 2008: Olympics – The most successful since 100 years.
    New President – Barack Obama says the world will change and there’s not that many interesting events coming up in 2009.

  3. Don’t be sad Mr Funguin- there’s was tons of snow where I live and then it all melted in one day about a week ago. 😦 No snow for the new year. I want some snow!!!
    -Cutie Birdie

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