The Right Weather


So today was the first day back to school after the Christmas Holidays. It is the begining of a new term and a new adventure.

When I woke up this morning, I looked outside the window. It had lightly snown!

It wasn’t thick snow. So I got ready for school.

It was freezing cold! I could barly walk to school! It was that cold. (I walk to school, Its not too far) I was wearing a scarf and gloves, and a hat. But it was still cold!

At about 12:00PM it snowed again. It was a good thing to see! Snow. lol. It was light snow and kept melting…

At lunch time it was really cold. I couln’t go outdoors!

This cold whether isn’t helpful in the days I go to school… Because my nose glows red when I’m really cold lol. So yeh, it was red like Rudolphs nose! lol. (exageratting)

It’s now winter where I am. The United Kingdom! XD

It’s cold and I dont want it to be. I like the sun! But the sun makes the pollen high and I have Hay Fever and that makes me sneeze in the morning, in the Summer.

So no whether is right for me. O.o lol


Lets end this post here.

I’ll be posting more often on this blog!

– Mr Fun

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8 comments on “The Right Weather

  1. Some people actually like snow and some people like the sun. It depends if you want snowball fights or good ole’ wamrth.

    Where I live in UK, it didn’t snow, but there were tons of ice everywhere and it was very slippery. It was so icey, you could have had Dancing on Ice on it, lol.

    P.S. A few times, you said “whether” instead of weather.

  2. The U.K huh.. well there is Wales,Northen Ireland,Scotland,and,England.Have you been to Hadrain’s wall or Stonehedge? The U.K+Republic of Ireland has the Irish sea,the English channel,the North sea and the Atlantic ocean.The meridian of greewich(londen)passes trough Ireland.The U.K or “The British Isles”are preatty cool.I have geography and i learned all that+more when we studdied the U.K.I live in North America Florida and i know all about the U.K

  3. Hey, I don’t know exactly how cold it is where you live, but here it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit when I left for school this morning. I wasn’t even shivering. It has been close to zero degrees lately. I don’t mind the cold so much anymore. Expecting a snowstorm early tomorrow morning! Yay! 🙂
    -Cutie Birdie

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