I don’t want to talk.


When I said I would be posting more often, I didnt mean posts like this.

I can’t tell you what has happened. I MIGHT tell some people.

For Now, I dont want to talk, cause it makes me feel sad 😦

– Mr Fun

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11 comments on “I don’t want to talk.

  1. You are never this sad when you post. *This is bad.* No one is going to make you tell what is making you so sad.
    -Cutie Birdie

  2. Oh, you are never this sad when you post. Something serious might have happened. It’s okay to feel sad. Just remember that your family and friends are all here to comfort you when you are sad. We all hope you get better and feel happy again soon. Just remember that we’re all here for you.

  3. Just don’t be sad for too long. It is harder to get out of a depressive situation the longer you wait. Then you stop eating. Then your health goes bad. Then you never get out of your pj’s. Then you stop taking a bath. Then you stop brushing your teeth. Then ppl stop wanting to be around you. Then your forgotten. Then we have to read about your death in the papers. Then we have to buy flowers and go to your funeral. Then we hang a picture of you on our wall. Then …. well….JUST DON’T DO THIS PLEASE!!!! :p

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