The Adventures of Little Sackboy


Sorry for not posting as much. I said I would post more often, but look -I’m posting a whole 5 days later! lol.

Anyway, Just before Christmas I got a new game for the PS3. I only have 3 games. (Including this one) Far Cry 2 (came with the console), Call Of Duty 5 and another one…

I have LittleBigPlanet as my newest game!

It is totally awesome!!

I will tell you what its about. Firstly, here is a picture of the case;


In LittleBigPlanet you star as a little Sackboy (above on cover, header and sidebar LOL). You have to get past loads of obstacles in order to save the Planet! Sackboy is a boy and not a girl. Girls can turn him into a girl though.

You can make your own levels using the tools you can collect and unlock throughout the game. You can play these levels will your friends or publish them for the whole world to play! (AVAILABLE once connected to the PlayStationNetwork).

There is a story mode which you do the story and it follows on. There are about 12-15 chapters with about 5-6 levels in each chapter. You can get keys which open more levels.

From the PlayStationStore, you can download costumes for your Sackboy. Some are free, others you must buy. The PS Store is part of the PlayStationNetwork which means you need to have a PSN ID and an internet Connection -duh…

All that Sounds pretty awesome huh?! Awesome enough for you to try it?

Well there is one thing that will stop you. LittleBigPlanet is a PlayStation 3 EXCLUSIVE!

You wont find it on any other console. 😛 Thats what I like – Exclusives!

Here is the trailer for LBP (LittleBigPlanet)

Take that XBOX 360 FANS!!! lol. I am just kidding. I’m not hating on the 360.

Anyway, I’m going to go and catch up with Sackboy and play LBP. Bye!!

I want to know what you think LBP is like, even if you havn’t played it. Just from what I told you about it.

Do you own a PS3 with LittleBigPlanet?

Vote on the Poll.

– Mr Funguin.

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5 comments on “The Adventures of Little Sackboy

  1. Metal Gear Solid 4 came with my PS3. PS3 Home has been advertising Little Big Planet all over the place. lol. The box art in the US looks different that the one you have. I think I might get this game… Sackboy is cute looking. 😉
    -Cutie Birdie

  2. Are you in your “pod” LOL This is an awesome game with it’s HIDEF details What did you name your Sackbog? The characteres reminds me of those sock monkeys we all had when we were little. LOL

    I went on line a played around with creating a “sackperson.” ROFL

    It suffers from schizophrenic disorders!

    Keep us informed of your levels! 😛

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