What a Week!! (Well, a few days)


So last week Thursday I lost my USB at school.

I thought I hadn’t lost it at school, but I did. So on Thursday I went home not knowing that I had left it in my ICT class. When I got home, I couldn’t find my usb! I needed it for something. So I told my mum and asked her if she’d seen it. I asked my dad too. Same reply ¬¬

I couldn’t find it so I figured that it must be in school!

Friday came and I had ICT on Fridays and I forgot to ask my teacher. My friends hadn’t seen it.

Then the weekend came. Great! 2 days without my USB and no one had seen it! I was slightly upset because some of my work was on there. Some of it was my only copy! So I prayed and hoped that my teacher would have it!!! She was my only hope!

So today is Monday and in the middle of the school day we had ICT. As soon I as I stepped into to the warm classroom…the first thing I said to my ICT teacher was:

“Miss, did you find a black USB at my place?… …. It says ‘SONY’ on it.”

My heart began to beat faster than a drummer drumming the last notes of the harmonica? lol.

And you can guess what she said!

She said YES! 😀 😀

She had it in her cabinet wrapped in a paper with my name on it, and the cabinet was locked with a key so yeh..

She also said;

“You’re lucky that it was me who found it because someone else might not have returned it. I knew it was yours since it was by your seat. And you’re lucky that I actually went round checking the places after the class had left!”

I got my USB back! and I could continue my work.

This USB meant alot to me and I coulnd’t have finished my course if It had gotten lost or I hadn’t have found it.

I’m just so glad that I found it. Now I will keep it attached firmly on to my lanyard and when I’m using it at the CPU, I’ll make sure it’s in my sight.

Have you ever lost and found something that is valuable to you? Maybe you might not have found it 😦

– Mr Funguin.

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5 comments on “What a Week!! (Well, a few days)

  1. Last year I lost the charger to my dad’s camcorder that I always use. I didn’t realize I had misplaced it until I needed to charge it and the charger was no where to be found. I looked everywhere- in my room, the kitchen, living room, family room, basement- just everywhere. I was looking for a week. My dad looked online to find out how much it was to replace it- $80 I think it was. That’s a lot of money. So about a week later I was in the basement and I found it! It was on a little kid play chair under a towel we use to clean the little chalkboard stand I have! I was so happy! I still misplace it but I’ve never lost it for that long.
    -Cutie Birdie

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