Our Class Coursework


So lately I havn’t been posting as often on both of my blogs. mrfunguin.net and this one.

For English class we have a coursework to do. It isn’t a very hard coursework, its quite easy.

It is a film review for the movie “Mission Impossible 2”. The whole class is doing this movie, so I can’t do an easier movie (e.g Mamma Mia lol) Actually the teacher wanted to do Mamma Mia (like meh!! lol) but I don’t know what happened but the class didn’t agree. Some did but in the end we did Mission Impossible 2 since it was default 😦

I wanted it to be Mamma Mia! so badly 😦

Anyway, we are about 2 weeks in, and have watched the movie (MI2) about 2 times. We are mailly focussing on the opening sequence. It’s not a bad movie actually. It uses a bit of CG (Computer Graphics) It’s really good and if you havn’t watched it I recommend that you do!!


I also have another coursework due for my other subject – Graphics.

This is a option. At the end of last year we were asked to pick two subjects that we want to study and take a course in. I chose Graphics (you can probably guess why) and I.C.T (again, you can probably guess why!).

This coursework for graphics, however is due slowly throughout 1 and a half years. You have to hand in sections at a time. I’ve already handed in section one! I’m one of about 9 people who have also handed it in.

Rightnow, my folder (coursework folder) is at school, and when I bring it home sometime next week, I will scan something from it into my computer and post about it. I will also tell you what this coursework is about 🙂

Ok so thats all for now.

Cya on the other side of the next post 😉

– Mr Funguin.

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5 comments on “Our Class Coursework

  1. You must be really good at that stuff. I can’t even make a decent picture on MS Paint. 😦 I can’t wait to see what you are going to scan. 🙂
    -Cutie Birdie

  2. nice post! at our school we have stuff like that and theyre called electives. my main ones (you do two per term, you have to do four units for it to be a major subject) are art, ict, and drama! YAY DRAMA!!!

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