Valentines Day – 14th February 2009!


Yet again, this day comes. Valentines Day. Why does it come? Who made this day? What is with the word “Valentine”? Does it come from the name “Valentino”?! Why does it mean alot to some people? Do stores see it as a way of making money?

Since most of the word are shy to go up to their crush and say “Hey, I like you. Wanna go on a date” or something, Valentines Day is a day when people give their crush a card or message to say that they love/like them. They can sign off their name or leave it as “xxx” or more commonly – “Mr X” (Also, ”Mrs X”)

The name for Valentines Day came from the love circle of Geoffrey Chaucer, in the High Middle ages. So you can just about tell how old this day is. Nevertheless, it is celebrated every year, every where and every how.

Anyway, enough of History. I’m sure you learn enough of it at school 😉

As we all know, Google creates logos for different times of year. (e.g x-mas)

In 2007, Google created a Valentines Day logo which made people think twice about it.

It appears to read “Googe”. So what happen to the “L”?

The “L” is there, but hidden cleverly. The long part of the “L” is the green stalk. The bottom line of the “L” is part of the chocolate or as some people say, the leaf. Google did this on purpose to see who actually pays close attention to their logo changes! I didn’t notice this at all when I saw it in 2007.


Do you have a Valentine? I do! XD

I’m not telling you who…You’d go and tell that person ¬¬

Have a wonderful day…

– Mr Funguin


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