Touch is the new button ;)


I promised to scan something in from my coursework last week but I didn’t get round to doing that. First I want to post about this post and then when I get the chance I will post about the thing I promised 😉

Anyway, I have or used to have a 2GB Sony MP3 Player.

It looks just like this;

Sony WalkMan

It was awesome! You could put like 1,000 songs on it. But I never did put that many.

I bought it just under 2 years ago and last week it broke on me!

It won’t turn on, and when it does it turns off again ¬¬

You can buy so many new batteries for it but it wont stay on. I can still get my music back via the computer but it wont turn on with batteries. Its computer powered! LMAO 😛

Anyway, I talked to my dad and he said that I could buy a new one but I should choose a different one and one that will last.

I thought of buying the iPod Touch since you can put videos and music on it, and Apple is a well known brand. Its thinner than the iPhone too. Nearly all stores sell the Second Generation of Touch here.. I’m not sure what that means but I guess it means there was a 1st gen too. I dont know the difference so dont ask! lol. Anyway I wasn’t sure about buying it. I tried watching reviews about it on YouTube but none of them were helpful. They didn’t talk about what I wanted them to tell me. They were  useless! lol.

It is true. Click here and you will see what I mean!!

A friend I know recently bought an iPod Touch –

Her online name is Bublez! Click here to see her blog!!

At first I wasn’t sure about buying the Touch since its alot of money and might not be worth it, but after talking to her I was definate about it! I was really excited lol.

She also told me about the Wi-Fi feature on the iPod Touch and I asked if I would be able to view my WordPress account on it.

Not only did she say “Yes” but she also told me about a WordPress App which I had forgotten about!!! 😀

I love blogging and this would be better than turning on a laptop just to check moderation and to do a quick post on either of my blogs. Nifty 😀 😀

Check out what I could be doing:

But then she had to go a short while after a long pause…

During that pause a watched a video. It was a video I hadn’t watched yet.

It was pretty useful and told me a bit more. Here it is if you’re interested;

When I get my iPod Touch (after the holidays – *rolls eyes*) I will do an unboxing video with setup! 😀

Touch is the new button!!

Slide is the new unlock 😉

Do you own an iPod Touch? Or any kind of iPod? Or MP3 player? lol

I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading and following 😉

– Mr Funguin.

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24 comments on “Touch is the new button ;)

  1. That was a good add for iPod. 😉 I got a iPod nano for Christmas. I went on the official Apple site and got all the info I needed for researching the difference in pods. Sounds like you did your home work on it too. I will look forward to your unboxing vid!! I might learn somethings from you.

  2. I got an iPod Shuffle when we switched TV companies as part of the deal if you switch to them. After all this time there is a total of 3 songs on it. One of them is ‘Gary Come Home’ from SpongeBob. LOL. I had my dad put it on ’cause I don’t know how. Right after I got it, they came out with the new really small ones in different colors! I still have no interest in listening to music a 24/7. I never use my old iPod. I got a phone and I never asked for one. I have never sent a text in my life and don’t know how either. I must seem weird, don’t you think? Am I the only kid in the world who doesn’t want an iPhone?

  3. My dad has an Iphone! It’s awesome. You can but a lot of skins for it. For exampole, My dad has one with a cross on it and it looks like it’s burnt. It has Facebook, games, Youtube, wordpress, and many more! It even has thing thingy where you swing the phone back and forth like a light saber and it makes star wars sounds. It’s awesome!

  4. I bought my first ipod for my birthday last year: it was a nano 3rd gen. 4gb. it’s really coolio and i like it. i was paranoid about getting the touch because it was more expensive and i thought it couldnt fit in my pocket lol. but my cousin got it and its really cool, so i was thinking that maybe when (and if) a new version of the touch comes out I could get that one.

  5. i have the 3rd generation nano and the first generation shuffle. of corse i only use the nano. the shuffle is now only worth around $15. ahhh! i really want to hear ur voise in a vid!!!!!!!!!!!! or at least know ur first name!!! well, i already know it but just to make sure.

  6. I read on some website “If the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off.” Some people on this site are making us stay on. LOL. No offense anyone.

  7. Ah, redneck jokes. Yah, good joke on sucking. I am sure
    xMr. Funguin appreciates any help in getting ppl stay on here. Yah, and here is another redneck joke.

    Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people
    appear bright until you hear them speak. 😆

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