YouTube unplugs the speakers for the UK


YouTube have closed their doors to music video lovers here in the UK. =[

They have blocked the United Kingdom from watching music videos just because they were unable to reach a rights deal to allow us to watch them.

I was really unhappy when I found this out. It not fair!

YouTube was really good when they first launched it. Happy people. But since Google took over, YouTube changed.

There have been attempts to ‘boycott’ YouTube but YouTube are fighting to keep the ban alive. They aren’t going down that easily.

Is our loss their gain? What are they getting from taking something away from us?

It doesn’t matter if you change the country you are viewing YouTube from, in the top left corner of the site. YouTube’s smart redirecting makes it impossible to bypass the ban. – Believe me, I’ve tried it.

When I tried to watch a music video, it says this….:

This video is not available in your country. 

….With that stupid red background!

It’s just a dumb and retarded ban.

What do you think about this?

It might not mean anything to you living outside the UK, but if it happened to you then how would you feel?

– Mr Funguin


24 comments on “YouTube unplugs the speakers for the UK

  1. If it happened in the US then I would be so mad. I’m still mad that they banned the UK even though it doesn’t effect me.

  2. Same case scenario… MONEY TALKS. Negotiations will happen, and you will be hooked up again. I wonder if I post a YouTube link here if anyone will be able to see it?

    The video Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love,” licensed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment U.K. Ltd., which has garnered more than 83 million hits, was still visible from the U.K. late Monday.

  3. Music videos are not totally blocked. Only videos without a licence we can’t see, so the video you are talking about would be fine because it is licenced by “Sony BMG Music En. U.K Ltd.” 😀

  4. Retarted vids can be good too. LOL Yes and there are some music vids that are too hot for many an eye let alone the ear. However, we won’t go there. That will remain our secret. ROFL

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    And here is a wee bit of Luck for ye!
    Ádh na nÉireannach

    Maybe those music videos will becoming back soon. =)

  5. Oh no that’s terrible!!! How could they do that?!? Is there anyway you can watch music vids on other video sites (maybe Google Video? does that exist? lol) It’s terribleeeeee!!! But, if I read it correctly, you said you can still watch licensed vids. At least you haven’t lost the freedom to watch music vids completely…right? Ummm…how’s your Touch?

  6. How rude!! No warning or anything!! Mabey i could record youtube videos and send them too you! well anyways i feel bad for you i hope the ban gets broken!

  7. Repeat after me ” Just those without a license.” ROFL Maybe you could be a parrot in your next life xMr F. 😆

  8. If God grants you that request, ask him if you come with a LICENSE, and those more “important papers” that you will need for the bottom of your cage. XD!

  9. How annoying!

    Im very sad..

    I used to watch the music videos by their singer on the singers channel….

    Now I’ll have to watch them on random ppls channels::(


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