More Memory Lane!


Continuing with the theme from the last post, I wanted to post more shows that I enjoyed. I hope you don’t mind and I hope you won’t get bored of me talking about it again… 😥 🙂

Anyway, I will begin now;


This was show that I used to watch everyday after school. It featured 4 guys that had these friends that were a Dinosaur, and a Dog and some other ones which I can’t remember – It’s been that long ago!

They used to sing these amazing catchy songs and here is one of them;


Art Attack speaks for itself. It’s a show where Neil Buchanan (Host) teaches you how to draw, paint, papier mache, colour, tone, sketch – You name it, he taught it at one point…

I remember watching the very early Art Attack shows where Neil was ALOT younger and at one point, there was a different host. I didn’t like him 😛 Art Attack was first aired here in the UK and as Bob The Builder did, Art Attack was aired in many different languages in different countries!

Art Attack has now ended, and no more full length shows are made, however Art Attack hasnt completly died! It has been replaced with “Art Attack : Mini Makes” which is basically short 5 minute shows of Art Attack with the same presenter – Neil. The normal shows used to be 25-30 minutes.

Here is a complete show of Mini Makes;


Many thanks to Cutie Birdie for reminding me of this amazing cartoon. I had forgotten all about it! I loved this show. I forget what it’s about though.. lol … I’m not even sure if it still comes on. I don’t think so.

All I remember is that the girls name is Angelica xD

Here is the theme tune for Rugrats!

There are MANY more shows that I enjoyed, and I won’t bore you with them so I will just list them-;

  1. Hey Arnold!
  2. Spongebob (Still Airs)
  3. Winnie the Pooh
  4. Rolie Polie Olie
  5. Bananas in Pjamas
  6. The fairly odd parents
  8. Dexter’s Laboratory
  9. The Powerpuff Girls
  10. The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy
  11. Courage the cowardly dog
  12. The Flintstones
  13. The Jetsons

And some others!

Thats all for now. Come back soon for the next post… which wont be as boring… lol

– Mr Funguin

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13 comments on “More Memory Lane!

  1. The Rugrats… I think they had a key to my front door. LOL

    A…. yes, I can remember Hey Arnold. I said before and now again, SpongeBob rules. Winnie is probably me sibling (lol), Rolie Polie rolled here and those others you mentioned…are foreign to me.

  2. omg when i was little i loved the wiggles! but now one of the original australian wiggles (the yellow one) is gone. there was wags the dog, dorothy the dinosaur and the octopus and the pirate dude. xD i also loved spot. and the power puff girls rofl. have funn.

  3. If all my childhood cartoons were still on TV, I would still be watching them. The ones that are, I still watch. “The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” rocked. Then they came out with “The Book of Pooh” and it just wasn’t the same. My favorite childhood cartoons will always be my favorite cartoons.
    -Cutie Birdie

  4. I loved the grim adventures… it airs on cartoon network rarely. i also watch the fairly odd parents and used to LOVE bear in the big blue house.

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