My Thoughts on the new Nintendo DSi


I don’t know about you, but where I live (UK) Nintendo released the new Nintendo DSi.

First, I’m going to talk about the features then you give you my thoughts.

The DSi looks more unique – It’s a better looking version of it’s sucessor DS and DS Lite.

It’s longer than the DS Lite, but slimmer!

It’s a mix of the Apple iPod Touch/iPhone and the Sony’s PlayStationPortable. But this is good in some cases.

Now lets look at some features.

  • The Nintendo DSi can play music and video and now has the ability to view pictures. All from an SD card. It also features 2 cameras – One on the front and one near the mic.
  • You can play with the pictures – Distort them, mirror them, and add cartoon things like a hat. That is pretty cool!
  • With the mic, you can record sounds, and play them back – You can also change the pitch and speed.
  • Just like the Wii has a Wii-Ware shop, there is a new DSi-Ware shop. Basically the same as the Wii-Ware thing.
  • You can now view the web on the DSi when a wireless hotspot is in range.


The new Nintendo DSi looks cool, but I think its quite weird having a camera on a game console.

The camera I would say is good for long journeys. You won’t get bored with games and taking pictures.

The music function is good for entertainment, on or off long journeys 😉

Viewing pictures is quick on the DSi, and you can easily sort them on to the Wii or PS3. ? The camer doesnt take photos too acuratly. There isn’t a good auto-focus either. More to the point, its better on a real camera!

They moved the volume to the left hand side, and it’s now clicking buttons. This is a good improvement. Though, it should have been at the front.

The new interface (menu) looks more organized with bouncy icons..It does look better and clearer – I like that.

There is no GBA slot and this is what people loved. It was useless to me but on forums I see people talking about the fact is has no GBA slot to play Game Boy Advance games.

Viewing the internet on the DSi is a great feature, but it eats up battery. So it makes it half as fun. =[

Playing music also halves the battery life.

The screen is wider so if you have a movie or something, you can watch it in widescreen.

The DSi has a matte finish to it, so its not a fingerprint magnet anymore. This is good!


These are my thoughts and you are entitled to differ!

Overall, I think the DSi is a cool gadget, but not a must have.. It’s not worth buying a new DS just for cameras. But if it was between the PSP Go! and the DSi, i’d go for the DSi.

Also, I don’t think it’s worth buying a DSi if you have a DS Lite.

What do you think of the DSi?

– Mr Funguin

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29 comments on “My Thoughts on the new Nintendo DSi

  1. I think this is awesome!

    But like you said, jeepers, if you already all the other stuff, camera etc., everything you already own, is now ready for the trash can.

    I wonder if you can play the older games on this new version?

    I will check it out. Thank you for this great info!!!!

    (And I understand if you take the link out. 😛 )

  2. I think the DSi is cool, but there’s the downside of the battery life and no GBA slot. I think if you already have a Lite, you don’t need a DSi. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting one! Lol. If Nintendo can improve the faults on the DSi in the future, that would be great.
    -Cutie Birdie

  3. I don’t hate the DSi, I just think it won’t sell as much as the DS and DS Lite did. If people already have the DS and DS Lite and rarely play with it, they aren’t going to be buying the DSi. So Nintendo won’t be making alot of money 😉
    But thats what I think – And I might be wrong 😆

    • Well they well be selling a lot of them, believe me. There are lots of ppl who like new tech and many new ppl to the gaming world will go for it. The Easter Bunny will put many in a basket next to the lime green colored egg that will rot before it is eaten. 😛

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  5. Nintendo has already sold more than 100 million units since introducing the original DS in 2004. With the DSi, the company will almost certainly extend its lead over Sony’s PlayStationPortable. Indeed, the company that should be most concerned about the DSi is not Sony but Apple.

    Let the clash of the portable media titans begin.

    Good golly I sound smart. LOL

      • – World News, Financial News, Breaking US … 😉

        Nintendo is rolling out the next generation of its popular handheld gaming console in the United States on Sunday, pitching the product as more of an all-purpose social and entertainment device.
        The third generation in the DS franchise, the DSi was launched in Japan last November and has so far sold 2 million units. They’re going to turn a one DS household into a two DS household. You will hand it down to your little brother when you get your DSi.”

        Nintendo is also launching a new online store where DSi users can download new games and applications via the device’s WiFi connection. The store will also offer a DSi Internet browser for download, based on the Opera browser.

  6. ζiρΦ7 Says:
    “Nintendo has already sold more than 100 million units of the DS”

    Ilan Says:
    “I have a DS but it gets boring..”

    So if millions of people have a DS and get bored of it after a while, they won’t be likly to go get another DS!!

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  8. The DSi is amazing! how can you say it is a fail!

    I bought a dsi and it kept me lagughing and smiling for endless hours of the day!

    i have a ds lite and i think there pretty cool but the dsi their the best

    i told all myb friends that i was gonna getr a dsi they said wow that great!

    so it proves that the dsi overall is amazing 🙂

    think diffrent?

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