Holidays =D


It’s the holidays!

You could also say its an Easter break or a Spring Break. What ever – I’m on one of them =P

On school holidays I can do what ever I want. I can get up late (not too late), meet up with a few of my friends, do holiday homework (O.M.G!), Play on my DS Lite (I rarely play it, so now I have time to…), Rank up on my favourite games, help my friends (I promised).

I can also eat Easter eggs and tell you all about it 😉

For the next 2 weeks and 2 days, I can do anything. I mentioned alot of things above but I can’t of what to do first. I can’t believe it.

Anyway, I will go find something to do.

Are you on your Spring Break? What will you be doing if you are?

– Mr Funguin

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14 comments on “Holidays =D

  1. hi!!! im back from washington dc, americas capitol! oh yeah in UK you say holiday instead of vacation. i learned that because i did this girl scout thingy and we learned about england. we say vacation.

  2. You say potato and I say potahto,
    You say tomato and I say tomahto;
    Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto!
    Let’s call the whole thing off! ROFL

    Eyup, Spring Break is up and running. I am heading across the pond soon. We have family in France. My gram and aunt are two of them. So, if I come up missing, don’t think I died of eating hard boiled colored eggs. Those green ones can have some major side effects! 😆 Have a good one whatever you call it xMr.F (and say hi to the Mrs. and hope you have an Easter egg hunt for Sir Lemon 😉 )

  3. I love the holidays, i celebrated passover with my family today! To learn more i wrote a post on it. The holidays are great because they remind us of our friends and family and bring us joy! 🙂

  4. spring break!!! im sick-ish but im better now, at least i kno i am and i was SUPPOSED to go to the movies wit my friend but its rainging so my dads like YOU CAN GO TO THE MOVIES CUZ ITS RAI VING AND UR SICK! and like wth? CUZ WHAT DOES IT RAINING HAVE TO DO WITH ME BEING SICK?!?!!? soryy for my negativity.

    • Well I am glad to hear you weren’t on zoom or anything. Those drugs are bad for ya! Clean and sober is the best way. Maybe your server was on drugs though. ROFL

      Seriously, strange things happen in the cyber world!

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