Me? Scared? Never.


Today I’m going to talk about things we may be scared of.

We are all scared of something – Including you. It’s like one of those things that everyone has. This “thing” that I am talking about is “FEAR”

We are all afraid of different things. Wheather it be the dog, the cat, the dark, spiders, or even an evil Aunt 😆

I myself am scared of Spiders. I can’t stand those little critters. They are hairy and small, and eurgh. lol. Spiders don’t say anything if you don’t try to hurt them but I don’t know why I can’t stand them.

I also get scared of hearing ghost stories and just hearing creepy noises when no one is around me or in the house. It just scares you! (Well me anyway..)

Some say that to stop being scared of things, you should face your fears. So if I was scared of the dark (which thankfully I’m not!) I would sleep in the dark one night and it should help me overcome the fear.

What are you most scared of? What is it about this “thing” that makes you scared?

– Mr Fun

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10 comments on “Me? Scared? Never.

  1. im scared of ghost stories also. accou0ple weeks ago i was watching this show on tv with my sister on history channel and gulp…. it was about these kids who say ghosts talk to them and they can see them… that REALLY creeped me out. me and my older sister are like really creeped out now. and it was on HISTORY channel so it probobly wasnt fake.

  2. Hmmm. How about my shadow. How do I know that it is really a shadow? It could be me in a parallel dimension? There is the belief that there is a world just like this one, and we are a ghost of ourselves in it. Spooky!

  3. I am terrified of spiders. Especially if I go into the basement and there’s one crawling on the wall right there. I also am scared of Ronald McDonald. When I was little I would have reoccurring nightmares about that clown. I am scared of some teachers in my school, too lol.

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