My Birthday Summary

As you know, my birthday just went by on the 29th of April!

I know what you think thinking. You are wondering what I got up to on my birthday. (Yup, I can mind read 😆 )

I didn’t do anything special on my birthday. Didn’t have a party or a big fancy cake. Nothing! 😛

It was just another day 🙂

In school people gave me ‘birthday beats’ which I was hoping no one would do!  I didn’t even tell some people that it’s my birthday and I got a Happy Birthday from them xD .. which was odd 😆

I didn’t get many presents because I didn’t really ask for anything. I got the iPod Touch as an early present as you know. I got £15.00 though.. which is nice 🙂 I will save up for something cool (H)

I also got a packet of Rainbow Drops from my Gran. Why do grans give the weirdest presents? lol

And thats all really!

I had a great day and I will now wait for next year 😆

When is your birthday?

– xMr Fun

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24 comments on “My Birthday Summary

  1. Sounds like you day was a good one as it was. Birthday beats. Now that was a new one for me. We do give a birthday spanking with a pinch to grow and inch. That stops around age 10 or so. Got any ideas what you will save up for? Rainbow drops, like gum drops? I could use some of those right about now!!! Love the grape ones~~~

    My b-day is in Jan. Right after Christmas. It is like an extended party of sorts. But SANTA thinks I am special (even though someone else who comments here thinks I am not! ROFL) and gives me many fine presents even though my b-day is right afterwards. 😆

  2. I was talking to myself huh? I will try to control that from now on. 😆

    Cutie Birdie I think your birthday is the day you were born. HAHa….

  3. Are you taking xMrs F out for mom’s day? I imagine Sir Lemon is proud of his mom. 😉 Mom’s rule! I have the scars to prove it. ROFL JK

  4. oh ….snap i forgot your birthday. my bad. well happy birthday hope you had a great day! mine was the 13th of may =]

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