I’m Back!


After nearly 1 and half weeks, I am back. My laptop broke on me! My laptop went to the repair centre to get repaired. I don’t know exactly what was wrong with it.

I was burning a disk one night and when it finished, I turned it off and the next day it didnt turn on! It wouldn’t load Windows! I heard on Tech Forums that this is a common problem with Windows Vista… and because of this they put a damn new HDD in my laptop.

All my files are gone..They put a new HDD in my laptop along with a Fresh new copy of Windows Vista…fresh new start. I didn’t loose alot because I normally save my things on USB and copy them off when I need them. I didn’t have any special software on there. Just PhotoShop and Microoft Office 2007.  They said that it may have someone to do with a virus that took over my laptop! I think thats true because I don’t scan too often 😳 I will scan more frequently now 🙂

I am currently testing (well using) Microsofts newest upcoming OS called – Windows 7 and I’m testing it in Release Candidate  (RC) and I must say It’s not bad. I thought it was going to be REALLY bad. I thought it was going to be worse than Vista, but I am wrong. It’s clean, fresh, smooth and faster than Windows Vista! Its improved alot. I can’t wait for this to be released in full this year so I can upgrade and get rid of this Windows Vista for good! But we’ll see.

I didn’t miss out on much while I was away. I kept you posted about it from my iPod Touch using the WordPress App. It was hard because the letters were small, but it was worth it because I kept you updated. I didn’t miss Club Penguin. When you come to my age, the age of seeing that there are better games in life, you loose interest in “kiddy” games. Yes it is a kids game which I am slowly loosing interest in… That is why I made a real life blog – to help you Imagine a World other than Club Penguin. And maybe someday you too will wake up and see that Club Penguin is just a kids game.

Anyway, this post was just to say that I’m back! Spread the word and see if you can get some of your friends to visit my blog. So far I have noticed that like 4-6 people visit and thats it! lol.

It would be nice to have new visitors if you know what I mean 😉

– xMr Fun.

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8 comments on “I’m Back!

  1. No I don’t know what you mean! Are you tired of me? How could you possibly be tired of me? And what the hell is this about CP? You mean it’s a kitty game. Like for cats? Or do you mean it is for little kids? If that is what you are saying…. OMG! I have been playing with little kids? OMG I may need therapy now. What will I do with all my stuff in my iggy and my clothes? My puffles…. I will set free. XD

    That nasty computer virus stuff is a pain in the butt! It has ruined more people’s health then alcohol I tell ya!! And it isn’t cheap to get rid of. I haven’t heard too much good about Vista.

    Glad you are back. You were missed. I can spread peanut butter too. =]

  2. I mean kiddy as in Kids lol.
    Yeah, Windows Vista looks wonderful, but the downside is that it’s slow and buggy.
    I have the candidate release of Windows 7 and boy – Microsoft have listened! I love it. I might do a post on it ^^

    Thank you for missing me. Although, I wasn’t that far away 😉

    • I figured as much. I never saw any cats on CP. Well I mean, animals. HAHA. I am a pretty cool cat though. 😎

      Hey do tell us how that new windows works out for you!! I would be very much interested in hearing about it.

      So you were like in the bathroom? ROFL 😉

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