How To Avoid Confidence Tricks

We’ve all been there. We’ve seen something thats priced too good to be true or something that sounds like something Sony would include in their products.

We may have all been taken on a Confidence Trick – also known as a Con or Scam. Throughout this post I will demonstate what a confidence trick is and how you can avoid it.

“A confidence trick or confidence game is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence.” (Wikipedia) Which in other words means that the con artist tricks you into thinking that ‘this product’ is amazing and you should buy it because .. blah blah blah. He also uses many other tricks to help him make money from you. Below is an example of a con.

EXAMPLE: Have you ever seen a really cool laptop – for example the Sony VAIO – going for less than £200? (or less than $300 US dollars?) It sounds really cheap and such a bargain so you decide to buy it. When you get it home, the VAIO doesn’t work or isn’t in the box at all. The Con Artist has long gone and he isn’t likely going to be in the same spot as before. You’ve just lost £200 on a “brick”.

Con artists are known to use the ‘Swap Trick’ as I described above.. This is where they show you a real product, demo it, and then when your back is turned, they exchange it for an empty box or a faulty version of the product- leaving you thinking that you have bought the product he demonstrated.

Just stay clear of unusually priced things and odd descriptions and you won’t come across a scam. Make sure a guy with a suit isn’t serving you either. You never know what he has up his sleeve 😉

Don’t forget – Con’s can also take place online!

PayPal is way of conning people.

Click here and see how PayPal is used to con People.

And Don’t forget – If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

– xMr Fun


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8 comments on “How To Avoid Confidence Tricks

  1. WOW. 😯 I will keep my eyes open. Esp. on the suit! What do you think he has up his sleeve?

    Seriously …good advice.

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