Britains Got ‘A Diverse’ Talent!

Here in the UK (and other countries as I am told?) we have a reality show called “Britains Got Talent”. If you have never heard of it then where have you been?

In BGT (as we will call it), people from all over the country gather to audition in anything they want to. 3 judges have total control of the audition. If they don’t like an act they can hit the big red cross. 3 red crosses mean that an act can’t go any further.

We’ve gone through Semi-Finals this week and the public voted for the Top 5 while the judges voted for another 5 from the list of Semi-Finalists. (to view the semi-finalists go to

Tonight we saw the Final and it was a TENSE final.

One Winner Could Win One Hundred Thousand Pounds and a chance to perform infront her Majesty the Queen at the Royal Variety Show.

3 Finalists were about to have their lives changed forever!

The possible winners could be;

  1. Susan Boyle
  2. Julian Smith
  3. Diversity

But Who Won Tonight?

Was it;




In the End, Susan Boyle came Second, and Julian came Third.

Which means Diversity Won!

I am so happy about that! I voted for Susan because she has had bad publicity and she gave it her best tonight and she was amazing. I am glad she came second though.

I like Diversity because they are a dance group. They are creative and didn’t copy any moves from anywhere else making them unique.

Diversity get the money and the chance to perform infront of the Queen!

You can watch all the auditions of the 3 on YouTube. I didn’t post the videos here because then the post would be too long and I would be boring you…

– Mr Fun

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One comment on “Britains Got ‘A Diverse’ Talent!

  1. I thought susan boyle was awesome but i didn’t see the other two so i have no way of judging. Good post, and i have to say that britain has talent.

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