I found an Ant Hill!

Whilst we were doing a bit of tidying up in the garden (Not that is messy!) we found an ant hill.

Here is a picture of it.


It’s not in the way or anything. It’s at the back of the garden by the Green House in a corner. I think that is the best place for it! lol.

If you look REALLY carefully you will see some ants! (Click the image to enlarge it if you can’t see it properly)

We didn’t harm any of the ants that were coming in and out of it and it will stay there for as long as the ants want it to be. If it gets too big then we have to move it.

– xMr Fun.

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16 comments on “I found an Ant Hill!

  1. You’re kidding right? I can’t see a thing. Are they eensyweenyi or like itsybitsy? Are they black, red or colorless? Is it like an ant farm?

    Well your dirt and grass looks good. XD

    Mr Fun Says: I know! I guess the ants went back in just as I took the picture. They are red ants and black ants…
    Yup, British Dirt is the best! πŸ˜†

  2. Your birdie isn’t working. It says “Error: Twitter did not respond.
    You must not have paid the bill this month! =]

    Mr Fun Says: I changed the link to http://www.twitter.com/xMrFunguin
    I like that one better. I will change the Twitter widget on the blog to the correct one πŸ™‚ Thanks for telling me.

  3. Lol?

    Are ant hills rare in the UK?

    There everywhere here. xD

    PS: wanna come back to LSB, you dont have to. i restarted it because i need a rl blog.

    Mr Fun Says: I don’t know if they are rare…Probably not because there are millions of ants.

  4. Woah an ant hill. What’s so great about that? I’ve seen lots, they’re everywhere. Quite an interesting post! LOL.

  5. Never heard of microsoft Bing. I do like a bing cherry though. Yum!

    I just noticed your twitter comments on the side. Very nice little news updates. πŸ˜›

    • Ilan, are you for real? What planet do you live on? No offense, but man get out of the house once in awhile!

      Ant farms are awesome. They will teach you the real meaning of team work!

  6. Ah, I think maybe xMr.Funguin your dirt has dried up and your ants have either moved to ANOTHER SITE or died. ROFL

    And please don’t yell at me! πŸ˜‰

  7. Butterfly that mimics ants gives conservation clue

    OSLO (Reuters) – A blue butterfly died out in Britain 30 years ago because of disruptions to a life cycle that includes pretending to be an ant, according to a study published Tuesday that points to smarter ways to protect wildlife.

    Research into the large blue butterfly — now successfully re-introduced to Britain from Sweden — hints at how governments can use science to achieve U.N. goals of slowing a loss of animal and plant species, scientists said.

    Very interesting article. You Brits have the ants and butterflies!

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