Ideas to Improve?

I know this blog had a fun and groovy start, but after a few months I feel it has gotten just a bit boring. You can admit it! I know it has.

I still do post about interesting things, but I lack in posting quickly..

So here is where I need your help!

What could I do to improve this blog?

Should I change the header, layout, posting days, content, add polls…etc..?

If you have any ideas, let me know and I will try my best to make it happen.


– xMr Fun

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4 comments on “Ideas to Improve?

  1. Yah, all of the above! Put some contests on here too. Ppl like contests. This “ppl” does anyway. : )

    But I don’t think it is boring here. But, ppl do get bored easily. I have my days. 😉

  2. My suggestions:

    1)Put some new contests.
    2)Time for some new authors(me or icedrills), i want you to know that i am good at posting visit my site (link can be removed after reading the comment) to see my posts.
    3)Change theme and header.


  3. Everyone LOVED the storys and me page. Probobly if you open it back up and announce it on some other blogs more people will come on to this blog and see this post and leave more BETTER ideas!

  4. Summer is heating up! I am going on vacation. Crossing the pond. Maybe I will see you on the other side. LOL I don’t mean Heaven or Hell. 😆

    Ciao xMr. Funguin.

    Mr Funguin Says: Have a good time, cya when you come back. 🙂

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