Ideas to Improve?

I know this blog had a fun and groovy start, but after a few months I feel it has gotten just a bit boring. You can admit it! I know it has.

I still do post about interesting things, but I lack in posting quickly..

So here is where I need your help!

What could I do to improve this blog?

Should I change the header, layout, posting days, content, add polls…etc..?

If you have any ideas, let me know and I will try my best to make it happen.


– xMr Fun

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4 comments on “Ideas to Improve?

  1. Yah, all of the above! Put some contests on here too. Ppl like contests. This “ppl” does anyway. : )

    But I don’t think it is boring here. But, ppl do get bored easily. I have my days. 😉

  2. My suggestions:

    1)Put some new contests.
    2)Time for some new authors(me or icedrills), i want you to know that i am good at posting visit my site (link can be removed after reading the comment) to see my posts.
    3)Change theme and header.


  3. Summer is heating up! I am going on vacation. Crossing the pond. Maybe I will see you on the other side. LOL I don’t mean Heaven or Hell. 😆

    Ciao xMr. Funguin.

    Mr Funguin Says: Have a good time, cya when you come back. 🙂

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