Swine Influenza Pandemic In My Area

No doubt about it that we’ve heard about the H1N1 virus – AKA Swine Flu.

It’s been in the UK, in the Northern parts, but now it has spread through and around London!

2 Schools in my area have ONE confirmed case of Swine Flu each.

Those two schools were schools that I know very well… One school is my brothers school. And the other school is my school. And these schools arern’t far from eachother either.

But it’s NOT an extreme case that has hit our schools. We have been given letters which have all the information we need to be safe, and our schools are open until further notice!

Click here to see a scan of the letter I got.

I bet you are wondering why I am telling you this..

Well, put simply, I just wanted to help you stay safe too, and avoid this flu!

Please wash your hands as soon as you can and stay clear of anyone who has any kind of flu.

Read the letter above for more information.

– xMrFunguin

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