Fancy a liedown?

If you thought your average Hide and Seek was addictive, then think again.

A new type of game has been blowing away people everywhere.

Metro Reports;

Flat out: It’s a game for all ages, as this boy on an ironing board shows

“No, this is nothing to do with people being struck down by narcolepsy in bizarre situations – this is the latest web craze.

The Lying Down Game is sweeping the nation via Facebook groups and has already produced thousands of impressive still lives.

Participants are told there are two aims: it should be as public as poss­ible and as many people as possible should be involved.” (Source:

To qualify, players must simply lie face down, holding their palms flat against their sides and their toes touching the ground – but some shots fall down even on those simple requirements.

It’s an interesting game. Think about it. If your brother or sister is being annoying, just tell then to play this game with you. They won’t be annoying anymore 😉

But how far would you go to play this game?

Well, take a look at this picture!

Take the pane: A plucky volunteer

I’ve heard that people stretch across roof-tops, postboxes, statues, train luggage racks and roads!

What do you think?

Give the game a go and have fun. I for one am not going to play it! lol

– xMr Fun

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2 comments on “Fancy a liedown?

  1. Just wait this hits worldwide news (not just cnet). In the U.S. the Obama Administration will have stroke. If only I could get my siblings to do it…

  2. Maybe you need a liedown there anonymous. 😆

    Not a new concept to lay on your roof to get a tan. Closer to the sun ya know. HAR HAR

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