Review: New Header

So I uploaded a new header because my old one getting outdated.

Here is the old one;

I love the new header because it makes the blog feel warm and bright. The old one was blue and cold. It also looked empty.

I like this headser because the ribbon of colours in the background catches your eye. You eye follows it’s pattern and it stops at the “world”. This is good because my blog is called “Imagine a World” (Duh.. lol)

The ribbon of colours was fairly easy to find. In a Google search, I typed “Background”. The ribbon of colours was the only one that caught my eye.

The new slogan for my site is “Seven Days without Imagination makes one weak”
This is a pun! Seven days refers to “one week”. In this sentence, seven days can make one person weak.
I liked this pun and so chose it for my blog.

The font on the header should be easy to recognise. It is the PlayStation font. I chose this font because it is simple but stylish.

What do you like about the header? Any ways to improve it?

– xMr Funguin

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10 comments on “Review: New Header

  1. It is a vision! Your slogan, well, I can only say, it is genius. As laughter to the soul, imagination is to the mind. Why you have created an imaginarium! If you work was in a gallery, I would pay the admission price.

    I think you should write your name on the planet earth! Claiming it as your own, like the blog, always evolving.

    : )

    Mr Fun Says: Thank you.
    You avoided using a WordPress emotion? How could you!! Just kiddin’.

  2. Ah, where did my grand comment go to? This is becoming weird!

    Mr Fun Says: Your grand comment is above 😉
    When you type a comment, it drops into moderation, because I have it set to do that. If I didn’t, you would see your comments.

  3. Yah, I know that. But thank you for the explanation. What actually happens is that I have another 2 computers going and I use two different emails. I think when I change out… I mess it up.
    2confusing to try and explain. XD

    All that matters is I show up. That is half the job. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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