Thorpe Park

So I went to Thorpe Park on Tuesday and I had a blast.

It’s a theme park based on water. It was built in 1979 on the site of a gravel pit which was partially flooded with the intention of creating a water based theme for the park. (

It’s a BIG theme park. I think at one point I got lost xD.

Thorpe Park has got many rides! I don’t know how they fit so many rides in one place. There are rides for children, teens and adults.

I couldn’t bring Thorpe Park back to you, so I recorded 2 clips (yes, i know i should have recorded more) with my mobile phone.

This first clip is of the “Flying Fish” ride at Thorpe Park. It’s basically a roller coaster based on a fast fish.
This was my first ever roller coaster. I was scared of it at first (so what ¬_¬), but I went on it anyway to face my fears. It was Amazing! I loved it so much I went on it twice! LOL (yeah!)

If you can’t see the video click here.

The next ride I didn’t go on, was for people who can handle being dizzy!
It’s called “Vortex” and it sure acts like one. As it spins you, it also swings you.
Check it out!

If you can’t see the video click here.

I went on a few other rides. I went on;

  • Tidal Wave
  • Depth Charge
  • Went in the que for Stealth, but it was too long so we left that lol. Shouldn’t have 😛
  • Flying Fish
  • And the worst one of them all; Nemesis Inferno..

Nemisis Inferno – never again. That was very fast and had many twists and turns. I only went on it because my friends did. lol. I got a headache after that ride 😐

I had a good day and now I’m tired. Obviously, not as tired as Tuesday LOL!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

– xMr Funguin

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13 comments on “Thorpe Park

  1. Did go on these as well?

    Saw, Stealth, Colossus, Detonator, Nemeisis Inferno, Rush Samurai, Slammer, Tidal Wave, X:No Way Out

    …(Minimum height is 1.4m ) The place is huge!!!! I can see why you were exhausted. But a good exhausted I am sure. 😛

  2. I thought it was me again, not being able to see them and I didn’t want to tell you that. It may have put into a tail spin. So I went to youtube and tracked them down there. I knew either you would figure it out or someone else would tell you if they actually were not there and it just wasn’t me. How could ever be me? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahha

    ok enough laughing …. I see them here now anyway.

    And here is your emote…. 😀

    Mr Fun Says: I typed the video code wrong xD

  3. yo mr fun! long time no see! do u still go on msn or aim or anything?

    you long time best bud


    Mr Fun Says: I go on MSN but not AIM because I uninstalled that and forgot my details for it anyway

  4. That park looks sooo cool!!! It’s amazing how some things start (: I love your little turtley mascott he’s sooo cute!!! (:

    Mr Fun Says: Turtle Mascot? It’s a SackBoy 😛

  5. Cool! A couple of my friends went to Drayton Manor a few days ago. They went on this ride called ‘Shockwave’ – have you heard of it? Apparently it’s the world’s only stand-up rollercoaster. I wouldn’t have even thought about going on it, lol! I hate scary rides and stuff like that. 😆

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